Vertical / Water Storage Tanks

Water Tanks

Vertical / Water Storage Tanks for durability and safety

Ideal for storing and saving water, rain water, and recycling household water.
Ideal for use by farmers, domestic households and industrial establishments
Unique rib design with various sizes, dimensions and colours
Manufactured within a short lead time (7 working days) and at an affordable cost

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Our Vertical / Water Storage Tanks Can Handle Stress

Our storage tanks are professionally designed to ensure strength, durability and safety. Water tanks come with standard fittings and a child safe lid. The tanks are easy to install and designed with the utmost child safety in mind.

RotoTank™’s vertical / water storage tanks can only be stored above the ground. The size dimensions range from 500 litres to 40 000 litres and caters for any of your bulk water storage needs.

Whether you are a farmer, domestic household or industrial user, you can utilise vertical tanks for diverse storage purposes. Our vertical tanks are commonly used for the rain water harvesting and can also be used for the storage of water.

Our water storage tanks are manufactured with a Black liner to inhibit algae growth and boast 8 years of UV protection. This allows for water to be stored for long periods of time.

We offer free delivery countrywide, within 10 working days for all tanks up to 40 000 litres.

Please bear the following in mind when installing your RotoTank™:
  • Tank fittings and pipes should be fitted with bellows or flexible piping.
  • Base of tank must be mounted on a solid, level base.
  • There must be no overhang of tank on base.
  • Make sure fittings are tight, but do not over tighten.
  • The weight and quality specifications are recorded for your benefit – make sure you get the right product for the task.
  • Do not lift tank containing any contents.
  • Keep tanks away from any hot exhaust gasses.

Our Tank Prices

Contact Us for prices.

We are able to customise tanks to fit your needs and our products are not limited to the list below.

V 500 lt
Water770 mm1 000 mm160 mm1.0
V 800 lt (Slim Tank)
Water730 mm1 950 mm160 mm1.0
V 1 000 lt
Water1 100 mm1 300 mm160 mm1.0
V 1 500 lt
Water1 430 mm1 050 mm160 mm1.0
V 2 500 lt
Water1 400 mm1 750 mm160 mm1.0
V 5 000 lt
Water1 800 mm2 000 mm160 mm1.0
V 6 000 lt (Low Profile)
Water2 100 mm1 960 mm160 mm1.0
V 10 000 lt
Water2 200 mm3 000 mm450 mm1.0
V 15 000 lt
Water2 600 mm3 200 mm450 mm1.0
V 20 000 lt
Water2 500 mm4 200 mm2x 450 mm1.0
V 27 000 lt
Water2 750 mm4 800 mm2x 450 mm1.0
V 40 000 lt
Water3 300 mm4 850 mm2x 450 mm1.0

Downloads: Information & Technical Specs

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Vertical / Water Tank Brochure

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Vertical / Water Tank Range Tech Spec