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Getting the best out of your RotoTank™
Place your RotoTank™ tank on a flat level surface
  • A solid wooden platform, smooth concrete plinth or smooth level bed of river sand is best.
  • Increase the tank’s useful life by reducing the direct hours of sunlight to which the RotoTank tank is exposed.
  • Positioning the RotoTank tank in the shade of trees, under a lean-to on the south side of a building or under shade cloth are some of the ways of protecting your RotoTank tank from excessive sunlight (UV rays).
Reduce the temperatures to which the RotoTank™ tank is exposed by
  • Cleaning the area around your RotoTank tank to prevent fire damage.
  • Not storing hot product (above 80° C) in your RotoTank tank for long periods of time. Where service temperature exceeds 40° C the supplier should be consulted. However, the RotoTank tanks can be steam cleaned with atmospheric steam.
  • Keeping the RotoTank tank full of water when it is not being used for storing other liquids reduces the surface temperatures of the plastic and extends its life.
Avoid mechanical damage by
  • Not lifting the RotoTank tank while it still has liquid in it.
  • Ensuring that hot exhaust gases do not impinge directly onto the RotoTank tank and hot exhaust pipes do not touch the RotoTank tank.
  • Ensuring that the RotoTank tank is not unnecessarily dropped and especially not onto it’s corners.
  • Ensuring that high stress loads are not applied to the RotoTank tank by lifting equipment or “tie-down” securing straps and ropes. Avoid the use of steel cables and wire for this purpose.
  • Storing only products that are compatible with the grade of Linear Low Density Polyethylene used for manufacturing your RotoTank tank. If in doubt, contact RotoTank for more advice.
  • Only use RotoTank approved flanges, pipe fittings and tank connections.
  • RotoTank approved flanges, pipe fittings and tank connections.
  • Modifications to RotoTank will negatively affect the warranty.