Open Top Bins with Lids

Open Top Bins with Lids

Open Top Bins with Lids for Storage

Ideally used by food and chemical processes such as soap manufacturers
Essential for storage of food or chemical material in either liquid or dry bulk form
Supplied with a loose fitting lid, as standard
Lightweight and easy to handle

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Convenient storage and handling with open top bin lids

Open top bins or open top tanks are an exciting new range of products from RotoTank™. Open top tanks are also referred to as open top bins. They are popularly utilised as chemical tanks, water tanks and liquid tanks and for blending.

Ease of access to the contents is a preferred priority. These open top bins can also be adapted for use as litter bins or garbage bins in sports fields, schools and homestead garden type applications.

The bins have a loose lid which fits over a well-designed curved rim and, although it can be easily removed, it fits snugly enough over the bin’s open top to ensure it covers and protects the contents adequately. The lid can be secured to the open bin via a connector cable where requested.

These open top bins or tanks can be brightly coloured to the customer’s requirements. They are available in a range of basic colours to their desire.

These open top containers are strong enough to be readily stacked on top of one other when filled or can also nest into each other when stored as empty containers during storage or transportation. The open top bins are light weight and easily handled.

These open top bins range from 50 litres to 2 000 litres and can be supplied in any requested wall thickness.

The bins are made from durable, ultra violet resistant, chemically resistant, nontoxic, Linear Low Density Polyethylene which is the same high quality, virgin plastic raw material used to manufacture the RotoTank™ wide range of top quality standard water tanks, chemical tanks, transport tanks, pools, koi ponds.

Furthermore the open top bins are produced using a moulding process which develops a predominantly stress free product consistent with our RotoTank™ Rotational moulding manufacturing system.

The bins could be readily retrofitted with accessories eg, RotoTank™ standard plumbing pipe fittings, taps and other peripheral fittings as deemed necessary.

Please bear the following in mind when installing your RotoTank™:
  • FDA approved for food contact.
  • Stackable for easy storage.
  • Easily steam and chemically cleaned.
  • Recycleable and Eco-Friendly.
  • Various colours available.
  • Handy sizes available on request.
Storage Bin + Lid
Storage Bin + Lid
Storage Bin CapacityDiameter (D)Height (h)Height (H)
Nesting Bin + Lid
Nesting Bin + Lid
Storage Bin CapacityDiameter (D)Height (h)Height (H)LidS.G.
500L1 000 mm680 mm880 mm160 mm1.0
1000L1 000 mm1 260 mm1 430 mm160 mm1.0
*Note: Major diameter on all bins = 1170mm

Downloads: Information & Technical Specs

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Storage Bins Tech Spec

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Nesting Bins Tech Spec

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Chemical Resitance Chart