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RotoTank Manholes


RotoTankTM is a manufacturer of manholes, water tanks, chemical tanks, transport tanks, septic tanks and silos. We are a national brand with branches around the country. We sell directly to the public and deliver for free.







RotoTankTM Manholes

Manhole Product Gallery
RotoTank™ Manhole Inspection Junction

RotoTank ™ manufacture the perfect solution for a quick installation of your underground water and sanitation pipes to your septic tank, with the unique Manhole junction unit. Especially designed for the large construction industry in mind where several pipes are leading from different locations. The pipes easily lye flat due to the unique internal design, allowing you to easily see the flow of liquids or not in the case of a blockage.

The unit is also perfect for domestic use to afford you the opportunity to view your pipes before entering your septic tank, allowing you to connect multiple bathrooms and kitchens, the manhole inspection can save you thousands in call out costs with plumbers as you can easily locate the problem area by viewing inside the unit.

These robust units can also be used when your home or building is connected to a municipal sewage system, to give you access to see for any unwanted blockages and check the health of your pipe work.

RotoTank™ manhole junctions are lightweight & durable. Compatible with all 110mm pipe connections but can also be used in the laying of cables as a junction box.

Volume Code Diameter Height Lid DOWNLOAD
400l MH400l 1060mm 790mm 450mm Download
600l MH600l 1060mm 1030mm 450mm Download
800l MH800l 1260mm 1270mm 450mm Download

Please bear the following in mind when installing your RotoTank™:      

RotoTank™ Septic Tank solutions.

To complete your installation look into our Soak aways & Inspection chambers

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