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RotoTankTM is a manufacturer of water tanks, chemical tanks, transport tanks, septic tanks, silos, pools and koi ponds. We are a national brand with branches around the country. We sell directly to the public and deliver for free.




Pools and Koi Ponds

Water Storage Tanks for durability and safety

rototank pools-and-koi-ponds

Preferable for use in domestic households and corporate spaces

rototank pools-and-koi-ponds

Cost effective and durable alternative to fibreglass splash pool / self-cleaning koi pond

rototank pools-and-koi-ponds

Filters, weirs and pumps supplied upon request

rototank pools-and-koi-ponds

Suited for storing water for recreation or keeping of fish

Product Gallery

Quality plastic pools

Plastic swimming pools have become the popular alternative to the old style concrete construction. RotoTank™’s low cost, heavy duty industrial plastic swimming pools offer durability and crack resistance. Any underground movements therefore do not damage the plastic, condition or structure of the swimming pool.

Plastic swimming pools are the perfect option for those looking at installing a low maintenance pool or for those who have small sized properties. There are many other benefits to having a plastic swimming pool including:

  1. Half the cost of a concrete pool
  2. Variety of colours (no extra cost)
  3. No waterproofing or maintenance required
  4. Increased water temperature
  5. Algae resistant
  6. Quick installation- no skilled labor required- saves on additional costs

The plastic swimming pool size dimensions:

  • Length: 3600mm
  • Width: 2600mm
  • Depth: 1300mm

Koi Ponds For Your Garden

Many of us dream of having a Koi pond in the yards of our home. However we dread the “PT” that we assume goes into getting it there so instead we embellish our landscapes and make our houses aesthetically appealing too. Installing a Koi pond is easier than you think!

With RotoTank™’s planning and implementation, your Koi pond will be part of your garden in no time! We manufacture practical sized Koi ponds from heavy duty industrial plastic. Our Koi ponds are:

  1. Durable
  2. Crack resistant
  3. Algae resistant
  4. Low maintenance

The Koi ponds are manufactured with a sump and cone for easy connections to your filtration systems. Installation of our Koi ponds are easy and certainly do not require skilled labour. Once you have followed simple instructions, the next step is to enjoy and appreciate your tranquil Koi pond.

Downloads: Information & Technical Specs

Plastic Pools Brochure

Pool Installation Instructions

Koi Pond Brochure

Koi Pond Information

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