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RotoTankTM is a manufacturer of water tanks, chemical tanks, transport tanks, septic tanks and silos. We are a national brand with branches around the country. We sell directly to the public and deliver for free.







Vertical Water Tanks Product Gallery


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Vertical Water Storage Tank Technical Download List
2000 L RSaver
Slim Tank
120 kg * 1900 x 1900 x 650 450 mm Currently Unavailable
50 L V50W 4 kg 370 mm 600 mm 250 mm Download
100 L V100W 6 kg 430 mm 800 mm 250 mm Download
250 L V250W 10 kg 590 mm 1050 mm 430 mm Download
500 L V500W 14 kg 840 mm 1070 mm 250 mm Download
800 L V800W
Slim Tank
25 kg 730 mm 1950 mm 430 mm Download
800 P V800 P 25 kg * 2205 x 272 x 725 * Download
1000 L V1000W 25 kg 1100 mm 1250 mm 430 mm Download
1000 L V1000WS 27 kg 790 mm 2000 mm 430 mm Download
1400 L V1400W
Slim Tank
35 kg 1000 mm 2000 mm 430 mm Download
1500 L V1500W
Low Profile
35 kg 1450 mm 1150 mm 430 mm Download
2200 L V2200W 35 kg 1300 mm 1800 mm 430 mm Download
2500 L V2500W 45 kg 1400 mm 1750 mm 430 mm Download
5000 L V5000W 80 kg 1800 mm 2150 mm 430 mm Download
6000 L L6000W
Low Profile
100 kg 2100 mm 1940 mm 450 mm Download
8000 L V8000W 140 kg 2150 mm 2450 mm 450 mm Download
10000 L V10000W 180 kg 2200 mm 3000 mm 450 mm Download
15000 L V15000W 275 kg 2600 mm 3200 mm 450 mm Download
20000 L V20000W 425 kg 2500 mm 4475 mm 2 x 450 mm Download
20000 L Cape V20000W Low Profile 425 kg 2750 mm 3500 mm 450 mm Download
30000 L V30000W 625 kg 2900 mm 4300 mm 2 x 450 mm Download
40000 L V40000W 850 kg 3300 mm 4850 mm 2 x 450 mm Download

A water tank from RotoTank™ is much more than a container for storing water. It may be the primary source for storing drinking water or the secondary storage container for clean water as the availability of clean drinking water decreases in Southern Africa.  As water becomes an increasingly scares and a valuable commodity, we at RotoTank™, believe that a plastic water tank should be made extremely durable and of superior quality and design. Our water tanks have been proven to outlast our warranty period consistently.

RotoTank™ supplies a wide range of water tank accessories from its fifteen branches, and via our online shop.

Click on the links for fantastic Combo Deals, Water Tank Accessories, Water Filters, Tank Stands and Sterilization Products to assist in keeping your water fresh and safe.

Food-grade ultra-violet treated Polyethylene, as a specialized polymer, is used in the rotationally moulded process to make RotoTank™. Therefore, as a complete unit, it is stronger and tougher than other combined materials. These other materials, such as corrugated steel, composite materials or concrete, require multiple processes and components to manufacture tanks. This leaves room for premature failure.  Our specialized material is also certified in terms of SANS to be safe for potable water.

Because we use computer-aided product design, RotoTank™ are designed to last. Robust testing ensures that our water tanks are best suited for Southern African conditions, ranging from arid desert conditions to windy coastal regions.

RotoTank™ manufactures water tanks in our own quality-certified plants around South Africa and we pride ourselves on the superior standard and design of all our products. All water tanks are quality tested so that you can be sure that you’re buying the highest quality water tank and other tank products. Ongoing research and development ensure that the RotoTank™ range of water tanks are rated as the highest quality storage solutions and tank accessories for a variety of different applications in rural, industrial and urban settings.  In addition to our well-known shapes and variety of tanks, we also service the demand for space-saving and aesthetically designed tanks such as our Slim-space Saver tank and our innovative Rock-faced Wall Tank.

RotoTank™ water tanks are built to withstand the demands of daily use and the harsh Southern African climate. The quality behind the RotoTank™ name is guaranteed, and we are proud to have maintained our standard of excellence for the last 30 years. That is why a RotoTank™ is the Number 1-saver of clean South African water.

When buying a RotoTank™ we strive to give our customers a piece of mind experience. Due to our stringent quality policies, we rarely have issues with our tanks, but in the unlikely event that something does go wrong – we are here to support and help our customers. For this reason, we carry a no-nonsense up-to-10 year-warranty with a simple claim procedure. We have ample friendly technicians countrywide available to assist you with any query or advice if needed.

It is a well-known fact that, having your own supply of water can also assist in living more affordably, such as being able to wash your own car and use as much water as required, without having to worry about water restrictions or being wasteful. Your monthly water bills are also likely to decrease as a result of lower water consumption.

Making your decision to buy a water tank should carry the renowned RotoTank™ brand as a consideration. Cheap vs quality tanks when deciding on what water tank is right for you, is an extremely important consideration. By weighing up the costs and benefits of picking a quality tank as opposed to a cheap tank, will lead you to choose the quality of a RotoTank™ since we produce tanks which are thicker than the industry standard. The fact of the matter is that some rainwater tank producers cut corners in design, quality and manufacture.

RotoTank™ is a national brand with branches around the country. We sell directly to the public and deliver for free. You can even order your RotoTank™ here.


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