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RotoTank Pump Covers


RotoTankTM is a manufacturer of pump covers, water tanks, chemical tanks, transport tanks, septic tanks and silos. We are a national brand with branches around the country. We sell directly to the public and deliver for free.








RotoTank™ Download

Pcover 500mm 370mm 670mm Download
Pcover Large 700mm 370mm 765mm Download

RotoTank ™ covers are a unique design, one size fits all concept from 0.37 to 0.75 kw pumps then we move upto the larger Pump cover for 1.1-1.5kw pumps. The covers are used to keep your household water pump safe from the elements, rain, wind and salt air. They improve the longevity of your pump and help prevent rust, theft, and damage.

The design itself is simple but highly effective for all sizes of pump from the 0.37kw pump up to 1.5kw pumps, we have you covered.

RotoTank ™ covers are easy to install and take only minutes to set up. Once your pump has been installed the cover can be cut at angles to suit your pipe connections and the electrical cable.

The pump covers come in the matching range of colors to your water tanks to make your installation more secure and appealing to the eye.

Pump covers have transcended their traditional role of mere protection for water pumps. The innovative RotoTank design redefines their utility, presenting an ingenious solution for multiple tasks. One of its standout features is the provision of a sturdy step that simplifies checking water tank levels. This dual functionality not only ensures the safety of your pump but also enables easy access for routine inspections.

Moreover, these covers have found a niche among equestrian groups as a reliable mounting step. Their robust build and stable design make them an ideal choice for assisting riders in mounting their horses. The versatility of pump covers extends beyond their primary function, making them indispensable in equestrian settings.

The appeal lies not just in their functionality but also in their practicality. Pump covers are engineered for easy maintenance, boasting a design that facilitates hassle-free cleaning. Their lightweight nature allows for effortless movement around your property, ensuring convenience in various applications.

The RotoTank design has revolutionized the conventional perception of pump covers. They’ve evolved into multifunctional units that offer not only protection but also serve as reliable steps for water tank inspection and invaluable mounting aids for equestrian enthusiasts. Their ease of cleaning and portability further solidify their status as indispensable accessories in both water management and equestrian activities.

  • Easy to Install
  • Protects your Pump from the elements
  • Cost effective
  • Full colour range
  • Increases the life span of your pump

RotoTank ™ water tanks are generally set up to feed your dwelling with a water supply and to get the correct pressure out of your taps you will require a pump unless your tank in positioned on a stand with enough head height to get at least 2 bars of pressure. With pumps being made of steel and having electrical components they need to be sheltered from the elements.

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