Septic / Conservancy Tanks

Septic / Conservancy Tanks

Septic Conservancy Tanks with peace of mind

Appropriate for storage of septic waste below the ground
Containment of septic waste and sewage used for domestic, industrial and agricultural
Standard and heavy duty fittings with either 450mm or 180mm lids
Durable and safe below the ground storage tank

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Safe below the ground storage with Septic Conservancy Tanks

Septic tanks are a key on-site sewage facility. They are utilised in scenarios where a property is not connected to municipal sewage system and are erected underground for safety purposes. As a result septic tanks are not portable after installation.

Although they are installed underground, they also come with an 8 year UV protection and 5 year structural warranty. Septic tanks are only available in black.

RotoTank™ also offer the option of a French Drain solution for easy maintenance, durability and cleanliness. This option is available should you have a smaller area and want the ability to clean through manhole access. Utilising French Drains enables you to maximise your tanks storage capacity.

The term “septic” refers to the anaerobic bacterial environment that develops in the tank. Once bacteria has developed, it decomposes the waste and is discharged into the tank. Sewerage waste that is not decomposed by the anaerobic digestion, might have to be removed from the tank. If this process is not done, the septic tank continues to fill up may over flow.

Disposing of oils, chemicals or any other unnatural waste is not advised as this may block the septic tank or disturb the bacterial breakdown of the septic sewerage system. Septic tank treatment is an easy and low maintenance way to deal with waste.

Please bear the following in mind when installing your RotoTank™:
  • Base of tank must be positioned on solid, level grounding which is free of any protruding objects which could lead to puncturing the tank.
  • Imperative to follow installation instructions.
  • Weight and quality specifications are recorded for your benefit – ensure that you get the right product for the task at hand.
  • Avoid top and lateral loaded stresses. Reinforce top soil with beams where possible.
  • Excavated hole must be of correct size and shape of the buried tank concerned.
  • A RotoTank™ French drain is an optional addition to your assembly and to be used in conjunction with the septic/conservancy underground tank.
  • Activation of the tank can either be initiated by use of a biological activator or alternatively using some rotting or discarded meat from a local source eg your kitchen or a butchery.
S 600 lt – 1-2 Persons
Sewage1 140 mm820 mm950 mm165 mm
S 1 000 lt – 1-4 Persons
Sewage1 700 mm1 100 mm950 mm450 mm
S 1 750 lt – 1-7 Persons
Sewage1 500 mm1 300 mm450 mm
S 2 500 lt – 1-10 Persons
Sewage2 150 mm1 550 mm1 280 mm450 mm
S 5 000 lt – 1-20 Persons
Sewage2 200 mm2 380 mm1 260 mm450 mm
S 6 000 lt – 1-25 Persons
Sewage2 200 mm2 500 mm1 500 mm450 mm
S 8 000 lt – 1-35 Persons
Sewage3 650 mm1 850 mm450 mm
S 12 500 lt – 1-50 Persons
Sewage2 800 mm2 500 mm450 mm

Downloads: Information & Technical Specs

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Septic Tank Brochure

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Installation Instructions

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Horizontal Septic / Conservancy Tank Tech Spec

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Vertical Septic / Conservancy Tank Tech Spec

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8000L Horizontal Septic / Conservancy Tank Tech Spec