RotoTankTM is a manufacturer of water tanks, vertical chemical tanks, transport tanks, septic tanks and silos. We are a national brand with branches around the country. We sell directly to the public and deliver for free.




Vertical Chemical Storage Tanks





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Vertical / Chemical Storage Tanks graded for food and heavy chemicals

Our Vertical / Chemical Storage Tanks Can Handle Stress Our chemical storage tanks are professionally designed to ensure strengthdurability and safety.

Suitable for storing and holding most chemical materials including petrol and diesel
Ideal for fertilizer, chemical processors, oil & petroleum producers and farmers
Food graded; BPA free; great for storing food oils

Chemical tanks come with Heavy Duty outlet fittings, and a proper 450mm or 250mm Manhole lid. The tanks are easy to install and designed with safety in mind.

RotoTank™’s vertical / Chemical storage tanks can only be stored above the ground.

Various lid sizes and non-standard fitting accessories are available on request. The size dimensions range from 500 litres to 40 000 litres and caters for any of your bulk chemical storage needs.

Easily transported and installed, no cranes required unless by special arrangement

Whether you are an industrial user, farmer you can utilise vertical tanks for diverse storage purposes.

  • Tanks are designed with extra strength ribbing rings
  • No Rusting unlike galvanized and metal tanks.
  • Repairable with Plastic welding.
  • Wall Thickness and weight Exceeds the Industry standards
  • Our chemical storage tanks have a 10-yearUV protection warrantee.
  • We offer free deliverycountrywide
  • Technical advice is readily available upon request at anyone of the RotoTank branches
  • Each Chemical Tank has free Outlet tank connector.
  • Biggest Tanks in Africa – 40 000 Litres

Chemical resistant vertical tanks

Vertical / Chemical tanks are Utilized when storing Liquid Chemicals and relevant products above ground.

Our tanks are specifically manufactured using more plastic than the industry standard as well as a thicker plastic wall in accordance with the S.G. of the chemical.

Rototank complies with the Chemical resistance data chart to prevent any leaks or possible bursts.

The Chemical Data chart states that RotoTank tanks can store Chemical liquids up to 40 degrees.

The vertical / chemical storage tanks however are not moveable whilst containing content.

Vertical tanks are available in any colour of your choice.

You can purchase your tanks directly from RotoTank™ and enjoy free delivery of tank sizes up to 40 000 litres across South Africa.

Quality Control Benefits

  • Extra heavy-duty tanks can be ordered for a higher Specific Gravity (S.G.)
  • Date Stamp & Serial number – Track Tank and be assured of Warrantee
  • Weight – RotoTank tanks are known to be as the heaviest and thickest tanks in Africa – Designed to Last
  • RotoTank records the weight and quality specifications for your benefit.
  • Quality Control Procedure in place in each factory
  • Factory prices applicable to all
  • Free Delivery anywhere in South Africa

All RotoTank Tanks are Food Grade and free of Bisphenol A (BPA)

V 500 lt
Chemical Medium770 mm1 000 mm420 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy770 mm1 000 mm420 mm1.6
V 1 000 lt
Chemical Medium1 100 mm1 300 mm420 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy1 100 mm1 300 mm420 mm1.6
V 1 500 lt
Chemical Medium1 450 mm1 050 mm420 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy1 450 mm1 050 mm420 mm1.6
V 2 500 lt
Chemical Medium1 400 mm1 750 mm420 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy1 400 mm1 750 mm420 mm1.6
V 5 000 lt
Chemical Medium1 800 mm2 000 mm420 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy1 800 mm2 000 mm420 mm1.6
V 6 000 lt (low profile)
Chemical Medium2 100 mm1 940 mm450 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy2 100 mm1 940 mm450 mm1.6
V 10 000 lt
Chemical Medium2 200 mm3 000 mm450 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy2 200 mm3 000 mm450 mm1.6
V 15 000 lt
Chemical Medium2 600 mm3 200 mm450 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy2 600 mm3 200 mm450 mm1.6
V 20 000 lt
Chemical Medium2 500 mm4 475 mm2x 450 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy2 500 mm4 475 mm2x 450 mm1.6
V 27 000 lt
Chemical Medium2 750 mm4 800 mm2x 450 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy2 750 mm4 800 mm2x 450 mm1.6
V 40 000 lt
Chemical Medium3 300 mm4 850 mm2x 450 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy3 300 mm4 850 mm2x 450 mm1.6

Decant-a-Tank™ Range

VD 11000 lt (Decant-a-Tank™)
Chemical Medium2 200 mm3 350 mm450 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy2 200 mm3 350 mm450 mm1.6
Chemical Extra Heavy2 200 mm3 350 mm450 mm1.8
Note: Wider range of Decant-a-Tank™ products will follow in due course.

Downloads: Information & Technical Specs

Vertical / Chemical Tank Brochure

Vertical / Chemical Tank Range Tech Spec

Vertical / Chemical Decant-a-Tank™ Tech Spec

Chemical Resitance Chart