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RotoTankTM is a manufacturer of water tank accessories. Our range of products include, chemical tanks, transport tanks, septic tanks, underground storage tanks and silos. We are a national brand with branches around the country. We sell directly to the public and deliver for free.

tank accessories

Vertical Tank Accessories Product Gallery

Accessories for all your Tanks

Vertical water tanks can be used in several ways to collect and store water for the purpose of consumption. Depending on the way you wish to set up your tank you will require various tank accessories, below we have listed a few of these fittings that are stocked at our branches nationally.

When choosing a pump for your RotoTank, you will need to bear in mind the following points:                                             

  • The amount of taps you wish to use at any one time.
  • The more taps you need to open the larger the pump required, if you have extra bathrooms always go for a larger pump to give you the correct pressure, no one enjoys a sudden cold shower.
  • The height of your building, single or double story
  • For double story buildings your geyser will be in the roof and to get the pressure up to that height, you will require maximum head pressure, never go below a 0.75kw pump to avoid damage to your geyser.
  • For single story buildings you will not require height, just the number of taps and strength in pressure you require, need to be a consideration.

We recommend an inline filter

  • The reason behind using filters is not to kill off bacteria but to prevent the sand, stones and small gravel or rust from entering your systems, they increase the longevity of your geyser and indoor taps and plumbing.

If you are unsure of the best pump for your home our staff can assist, we also stock larger pumps for Office Buildings and Business premises, just enquire at your local branch.

We always highly recommend that fittings from your water tanks are flexible not rigid, the reason behind this is that as a pump is switched on it vibrates and over time with fixed pipes or fittings you will see wear and tear and damage to your tank, with flexi hose the hose itself takes the vibration protecting your tank and increasing the longevity of not only the tank but the installation as a whole unit.

The best option is a suction hose Kit as per below list, the bonus with this set up is you can easily isolate your tank from your pump and vice versa, if you wish to disconnect your tank or pump these kits make it so much easier the specially designed fittings simply clip off. So, cleaning your tank or changing a pump can be DIY, no need for expensive plumbers to visit all the time. For more information on the wide range of accessories please visit your local RotoTank™ Branch.

View our Range of Water Tank Accessories Below.

0.37 Water Booster Pump & Controller
Suitable for 2 Taps
Single Storey
Power 230V @50Hz
Motor 0.37 KW
Max Pump Rate 2.1m3/h
Weight 4.8Kg
Suction Height 8M
Dimensions 280 x 170 x142mm
15011000 ROTOTANK, 0.37 Water Booster Pump & Controller
0.55 Water Booster Pump & Controller
Suitable for 4 Taps
Single Storey
Power 230V @ 50Hz
Motor 0.55KW
Max Pump Rate 110L per Minute (6.6m3/h)
Weight 12.5kg
Suction Height 7 meters
Dimensions 335x215x262mm
15024000 RotoTank 0.37 water pump
0.75 Water Booster Pump & Controller
Suitable for 6 Taps
Double storey
Power 230V @50Hz
Motor 0.75 KW
Max Pump Rate 120L per Minute (7.2m3/h)
Weight 13.5Kg
Suction Height 7meters
Dimensions : 330x 205x265mm
15025000 0.75 Water Booster Pump & Controller, rototank
1.1 Water Booster Pump & Controller
Suitable for 8 taps upwards
Double storey building
Power 230V @50Hz
Motor 1.1KW
Max Pump Rate 6.6m3h
Weight 20Kg
Suction Height 8 meters
Dimensions 470x 410x270mm
15020005 RotoTank 1.1 water pump
Pump Controller Voltage 220V/50Hz
Max Current 10A
Start Pressure 1.5Bar
Gross Weight 1.18kg
Dimensions 249 x 139 x 131mm
10070002 RotoTank pump controller
Suction Hose Kit Reducing Nipple 40-25mm X 1
Compact Ball Valve 25mm X 2
Quick Coupler male 25mm x 2
Quick Coupler Female 25mm x 2
Suction Hose 25mm x 300mm Length (green)
SHK25MM rototank, Suction Hose Kit
Orange Float Ball Round Orange plastic Float Ball for use with Float Valves 6001235015450 RotoTank orange ball for float
Torrenti Float Valve Hp Brass 20mm High-pressure brass ball valves with recommended
operating pressure between 200kPa and 1600kPa.
Nominal pressure 1.6MPa.
6009507848829 Torrenti Float Valve Hp Brass 20mm, rototank
Water Filter Single Unit Water Filter Housing - for Inline water filtration for your Household,
Includes Housing and pressure Lid and Lock Key
Filters Sold separately
FHC rototank, Water Filter Single Unit
Pleated Water Filter
5 Micron Sediment Cartridge
For use in the Water filter housing unit for the removal of rust , sand , sediment not bacteria PLC 5 micron filter for filter system
Polyprop Sediment Cartridge 5 Micron For use in the Water filter housing unit for the removal of rust , sand , sediment not bacteria PPC RotoTank poly cartridge for filter
Plastic Garden non Breakable Tap 20 mm Plastic Garden Non break Tap 20mm fits in all RotoTank standard reducing bushe TAP Horizontal Tank Accessories, rototank, Plastic Garden non Breakable Tap 20 mm
40/20 mm Reducing Bush Reducing Bush 20/40mm for the addition of other fittings or a Plastic garden tap FITT40 rototank, 40-20 mm Reducing Bush
RotoTank Red Lid 180mm 180mm RotoTank Manufactured Red lid Replacement LID180R RotoTank Red Lid 180mm
RotoTank Childsafe Manhole Lid 430mm For Use on all water tanks from 800l upwards to 10 000l LID430 RotoTank 430mm lid
RotoTank Childsafe Manhole Lid 450mm For use on 10 000l Water tanks and upwards LID450 RotoTank Childsafe Manhole Lid 450mm
RotoTank 40/50mm Yellow Connecting Fitting For use on Larger Tanks to increase flow FITT40/50 RotoTank 40-50mm Yellow Connecting Fitting
RotoTank Standard Knock out 40mm Fitting Comes as standard fitting with water tanks below 20 000l , for use on inlet and outlet FITT40 RotoTank Standard Knock out 40mm Fitting
Plumbers Tape Pipe thread seal tape rototank, Plumbers Tape
Gutter Buddy Gutter buddy assists in removing waste materials from water flow before entering
your down pipes and ultimately entering your water tank
GUTTER-BUDDY RotoTank Gutter buddy
RotoTank 3 Inch Stainless Steel flange For use on 20 000 l vertical water tanks and larger FLANGE-3 RotoTank Stainless Steel flange
RotoTank Float Level Indicator System For Use in all Water tanks to assist you in reading the level of water in the tank,
Tear drop Manufactured from Stainless steel, Unique design easy DIY installation
L/FLOAT RotoTank Float Level Indicator System
RotoTank Tie Downs Available for all size tanks For use when water tank is positioned in place and filled with water, The tie downs go over the ears of the tank,
then anchored to the stand or ground. Helps to prevent theft and blow over in high winds.
RotoTank Tie Downs Available for all size tanks
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