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Welcome to RotoTank ™

RotoTank ™ is a manufacturer of polyethylene tanks, water tanks, chemical tanks, transport tanks, septic tanks and silos. We are a national brand with branches around the country. We sell directly to the public and deliver for free.







RotoTank ™ Product Range

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RotoTank ™ produces polyethylene (plastic) water and chemical tanks to the highest standards. This ensures that each RotoTank™ is the correct weight and dimensions for it’s specific purpose. These plastic tanks are equipped with screw on lids and the highest quality fittings. We pride ourselves on the superior standard and design of all our products.

Polyethylene tanks, or ‘plastic tanks’ are much more than just a simple plastic product. They are made according to strict quality standards as well as an industry leading design. Each individual product is quality checked and embossed with a unique serial number for tracking purposes.

Our water tank range is most popular for rain water harvesting and our many customers, installers and plumbers  choose a colour of their choice, to be installed in homes and specific environments.

This enables our water tanks and chemical tanks to bear the weight of large volumes of liquid. RotoTank™ tanks and products are made from certified food grade plastic materials and are used by food processors, wineries, dairies and the like. 

RotoTank ™  manufactures the largest range of  plastic tanks and has them available in various shapes and sizes. Visit a branch near you, we have space saving slim-designed tanks in stock, as well as the 2000 L rainsaver tank designed to look like a rock feature. Some homeowners prefer one of our underground water tanks which are specifically designed to be buried safely underground.

Our tanks and open top bins are often used in water processing plants such as desalination plants and filter-plants for wineries, etcetera.

Here are some of the main features you will find when buying a RotoTank ™:
  • Our water tanks and chemical tanks  are manufactured to SANS approved standards with unique serial numbers and Quality Certified food graded materials. All RotoTank™ are designed with strength, durability and safety in mind! That’s why our tanks do not collapse, crack, leak or burst! 
  • RotoTank ™ tanks are equipped with highest quality accessories such as sealed tank connectors with lock thread and a child-safe lid. All tanks are contamination free due of our unique knock-out seal keeping the tank watertight at both the outlet and overflow.
  • Our water tanks are supplied with a standard free leaf catcher to ensure your tank is not contaminated with old leaves and debris.
  • All RotoTank™ water tanks are lined with a black polyethylene inner liner ensuring that UV penetration is not possible which prevents algae growth and keeps your water healthy.
  • Sturdy tiedowns are necessary and will ensure that your tank is safely secured to your tank stand and will not get damaged due to the elements.
  • We are committed to free delivery nationwide from any of our  Branches found near you within a day or on an agreed date.
  • Our team is confident enough to guarantee our tanks for 10 years and our quality is our top priority. RotoTank ™ is Designed to Last!
  • Making your decision to buy a water tank should carry the renowned RotoTank ™ brand as a consideration. Cheap vs quality tanks when deciding on what water tank is right for you, is an extremely important consideration. By weighing up the costs and benefits of picking a quality tank as opposed to a cheap tank, will lead you to choose the quality of a RotoTank ™since we produce tanks which are thicker than the industry standard. RotoTank ™is a national brand with branches around the country. We sell directly to the public and deliver for free. You can even order your RotoTank ™ online or visit one of our store locations and we would be happy to assist you.


  • RotoTank ™ commits to providing well priced value together with the highest possible quality rotationally moulded plastic tank products to our valuable customers.
  • We are committed to on time delivery.
  • RotoTank™ commits to meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations and the plastic tank requirements.
  • We pride ourselves as being a responsible, responsive, innovative, dependable and successful supplier of plastic tank products meeting the high quality, stringent demands as prescribed by ARMSA, Agrément SA (member # 2013/433), Master Builders Association (member # 32493).
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