The RotoTank™ Product Range

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RotoTank produces polyethylene water and chemical tanks to the highest standards. This ensures that each tank is the correct weight and dimensions for its specific purpose. These plastic tanks use screw on lids and highest quality fittings. Besides water tanks and chemical tanks, we also produce and sell the following:

Highest quality virgin, Ultra Violet stabilised LLDPE plastic resin is used and all polyethylene water and chemical tanks go through a strict quality control procedure and each plastic rotomoulded Polyethylene plastic resin product is embossed with a tracking serial number onto the RotoTank™ tanks. These quality plastic products are further backed up by a 8 year warranty.

All our RotoTank™ plastic resin tanks are produced  virtually free of moulded-in mechanical stresses which is a supplementary and add-on positive feature of the rotational moulding process. Moulds are manufactured with a short lead time and at an extremely affordable cost. Upon customers’ special request RotoTank™ can cater for extra special colour finishes including marble effect requirements.  RotoTank™ can further attach to the Polyethylene tanks the highest definition moulded on/in patented graphic  design signage and decorative detail (MIGS™).

Mission Statement
  • RotoTank™ commits to providing well priced value together with the highest possible quality rotomoulded plastic resin tank products to our valuable customers.
  • RotoTank™ commits to on time delivery.
  • RotoTank™ commits to meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations and the plastic resin’s tank requirements.
  • RotoTank™ prides itself as being a responsible, responsive, innovative, dependable and successful supplier of plastic tank products meeting the high quality, stringent demands as prescribed by ARMSA, Agre’ment SA (member # 2013/433), Master Builders Association (member # 32493).