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Water Crisis

Gauteng Water Crisis

There are several factors contributing to the water crisis in Gauteng, and it’s important to note that the situation is getting increasingly worse day by day. Some of the key factors contributing to the water crisis in Gauteng included:

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Fertilizer Tanks

RotoTank™’s fertilizer tanks and silo tanks are engineered to perfection, ensuring your agricultural inputs are stored safely and efficiently. You can rely on us for superior quality that stands the test of time, season after season. These tanks are built to endure the rigors of farming life, guaranteeing longevity and uncompromised performance.

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rototank, value of water tanks, water crisis

Value of Water Tanks

Water is an essential resource for life, and in a country like South Africa, with a history of water scarcity and a vulnerable infrastructure, the need for water tanks has never been more critical.

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Water Storage Tanks in Modern Farming, rototank

Water Storage Tanks in Modern Farming

The Crucial Role of RotoTank™ Water Storage Tanks in Modern Farming
In the ever-evolving landscape of modern agriculture, one essential element stands out as the lifeblood of successful farming: water.

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rototank, rainwater harvesting tank
Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks Guide

Rainwater harvesting is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to collect and store rainwater for various uses. One of the key components of a rainwater harvesting system is the rainwater harvesting tank.

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rototank, septic tank transport
Septic Tank

What is the Purpose of a Septic Tank System?

Septic tanks are commonly used in South Africa, especially in rural and peri-urban areas where there might not be access to centralized sewer systems. In these areas, septic tanks provide a decentralized solution for wastewater treatment. They are used to manage household wastewater in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

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RotoTank™ Vertical Decant-A Tanks
Decant Tanks

Silo Tank Alternative

RotoTank™ designed and manufactures Decant-A Tanks, an alternative to the conventional Silo & Vertical tanks with stands. These tanks are used to store liquids such as Water, Chemicals & Fertilizers. The concept came about due to the need for 100% drainage from storage tanks.

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RotoTank, Fish Breeding Pond 1200lt
Koi Ponds

Aquaculture or Fish Farming

Aquaculture or Fish farming has a large following in South Africa. The South African Government is involved, issuing grants to individuals and organisations that put forward working plans and have completed training etc.

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rototank, pump cover, water pump covers
Pump Covers

Water Pump Covers

RotoTank™ design team have created the pump cover so you can fit pumps from 0.37kw up to 1.1 kw, one size fits all. When installing your plumber will position your pump as close to your tank as possible, from there you can simply cut the angles you need and allow your pipes and cables to go in the directions you require.

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