RotoTank™, Recycling

Helping You Understand Recycling

Why do we Recycle?

Recycling reduces the need for extracting, refining, and processing raw materials all of which create air and water pollution. As recycling saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change.

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rototank, Leo Baekeland

Worldwide Plastic Pollution

Leo Baekeland. The 20th century saw a revolution in plastic production: the advent of entirely synthetic plastics. Belgian chemist and clever marketeer Leo Baekeland pioneered the first fully synthetic plastic in 1907.

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Koi Ponds

When choosing a fishpond, you do not want any sharp corners, the best option should be flowing and shaped with rounded corners. This is all down to filtering and oxygenating the fishpond water. RotoTank™ has taken this into account with the design of our Koi Pond.

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rototank, Horizontal Tanks for Transport

Horizontal Transport Tanks

RotoTank™ Horizontal Tanks are designed for mounting on trailers but also work well for stationary applications. Horizontal Tanks Legs are pacifically designed to withstand the rigors of movement daily on dirt roads as well as ash felt roads.

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rototank, Food Grade Material

Food Grade Materials

What Is Food Grade Plastic? “Food grade plastic” is best defined to be food safe plastic. The term refers to any plastic suitable for contact with consumable food or beverage products. As some acidic foods or liquids may give off chemicals from their biological make up when stored. It is important that these food groups be stored in the correct containers.

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Dredging in Harbours and it’s Benefits

Dredging is the process of excavating sediment deposits, trash, and other debris from the harbour floor and disposing of them elsewhere. An essential aspect of harbour maintenance, dredging is routinely performed in ports around the world for a variety of reasons.

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rototank, pipe floats, dredging

Dredging Pipe Floats

Dredging Pipe Floats (Floating Ring, Float Collars) are made from high wear resistant LMDPE by rotational- moulding technology. Dredge floats are widely used for supporting suction/discharge hoses. The dredging pipe floats are manufactured in a bright colour to act as warning signs to other vessels in the vicinity.

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Water Quality for Livestock

Water Quality for Livestock

Water Supplies & Water Quality Problems for Farming and Irrigation
Water quality concerns have often been neglected because good quality water supplies have been plentiful and readily available.

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rototank recycle bins

Discover the different products that RotoTank has to offer

There are 3 important R’s that you should know when it comes to recycling. Reducing the amount of items you own and the amount of waste you create, which means less stuff will end up in the garbage bin. Reusing what you can, gives your items another life and keeps them out of the dustbin.

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