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RotoTank™, Water Trough, feed drinking trough


RotoTankTM is a manufacturer for water trough, water tanks, chemical tanks, transport tanks, septic tanks, silos and water tank troughs. We are a national brand with branches around the country. We sell directly to the public and deliver for free.







Water Trough

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Water Troughs are a great source of clean and safe water storage for livestock.

Water Trough Technical Download List

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RotoTank ™ Animal Water Troughs

WT7000V 7000L 2750 2100 2750 Download
WT2000V 2000L 1950 1550 1950 Download
WT1800H 1800L 3800 560 760 Download
WT1000H 1000L 3800 380 580 Download
WT500H 500L 1700 605 1050 Download
WT400H 400L 2030 430 580 Download
WT250H 250L 1100 655 820 Download
WT75H 75L 1300 320 320 Download
WT10H 10L 460 220 280 Download
FT25MLB 25L 520 300 520 Download

RotoTank™ Water Troughs are commonly used for Livestock and Game they need to be of solid and durably construction to withstand the daily use and abuse of animals and cope with all four seasons of the year.

RotoTank ™ water troughs have been uniquely designed for just this purpose, careful consideration was given to the welfare of livestock during the design and manufacturing process.

Water troughs are a great source of clean and safe water storage for livestock. For animal farmers or game ranches, water troughs provide a reservoir of water which means your animals have a readily available supply of fresh water all year round.

RotoTank ™ water troughs are manufactured out of high-quality plastic, this makes them lightweight and portable when empty, which allows farmers to move them to different locations if the need arises, unlike contemporary concrete and metal water troughs.

Furthermore, our water troughs are supplied with an internal float valve which regulates the water feed to the trough, the valve has been placed inside the unit to prevent animals from damaging the unit or themselves.

RotoTank, Water Trough

RotoTank ™ water troughs have a double wall system that fills with water once set up, assisting in regulating the water temperature. This also adds weight to the water trough to prevent livestock or storm weather from moving the water trough.

Our standard colors are Olive green, green & Tan, which helps them blend into the environment.

Due to the various sizes in livestock and game, our range caters for all your needs, from 75L for small Lambs or Duikers going up to 7000L for your Cattle or Eland.

In addition to water troughs RotoTank™ has designed a Molasse Lick Bucket. The very strong and durable design prevents livestock from damaging the unit.

What is a molasses lick bucket?

A molasses lick bucket is a type of feed supplement for livestock. It is a container, often made of plastic, filled with a mixture of molasses and other ingredients. The purpose of a molasses lick bucket is to provide essential nutrients, minerals, and energy to animals, particularly cattle, sheep, and horses.

Molasses is a thick, sticky syrup produced during the sugar refining process. It is highly palatable to animals and serves as a source of energy. The molasses lick bucket is designed to be placed in pastures or feeding areas where animals have access to it. Animals lick or consume the molasses and ingest the nutrients and minerals contained in the mixture.

The specific formulation of a molasses lick bucket can vary, but it often includes ingredients such as salt, vitamins, minerals, and sometimes additional additives like protein or fat supplements. These ingredients are beneficial for the animal’s health, growth, and overall performance.

The molasses lick bucket serves multiple purposes. It provides a concentrated source of nutrition, especially during periods of limited forage availability or low-quality pasture. It helps supplement any deficiencies in the animal’s diet, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients. The molasses also acts as a binder, helping to keep the other ingredients together in a solid paste.

Overall, a molasses lick bucket is a convenient and effective way to provide supplementary nutrition to livestock, promoting their health, productivity, and well-being.

With Free Delivery to site and a 10 Year warranty, RotoTank ™ water troughs are the perfect fit for keeping your livestock happy, healthy and will not damage your budget.

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