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Farmers in drought. Water tank

Innovative solutions to help our farmers in drought

There may have been increased rainfall statistics in May, but the spin off from the country’s worst drought in a century still continues to impact our farmers in drought significantly. And in spite of substantial financial aid from Government, farmers will still have to take matters in their own hands to effectively counteract the effects of the drought.

We take a look at a few innovative water saving & storage solutions such as use of a water tank to help our farmers remain sustainable in the long run.

Use a bulk water storage tank to ensure that you have enough water on hand

In times of rain scarcity, bulk water storage tanks are a great way to guarantee that you have sufficient quotas of water available for the various agricultural uses, including irrigation of crops & drinking water for livestock.

For safe water storage & to ensure that you yield optimal results from your investment – do be sure to buy from a trusted supplier as RotoTank™. These are some of the key attributes of their vertical water storage tanks:

  • Expertly designed for maximum strength, durability & safety
  • Includes standard fittings & easy to install
  • Has a child safe lid & engineered with the utmost child safety in mind
  • Size ranges from 500 to 40,000 litre capacity
  • Manufactured with a black liner to inhibit algae growth

A huge plus of the RotoTank™ vertical water storage tanks is the fact that it offers no less than eight years of UV protection, so you can safely store water in it for extended periods of time.

The benefits of using a polyethylene water storage tank

A Polyethylene water storage tank is most suited to South African needs. These are some of the main reasons why it remains a top choice of our farmers, as opposed to using a steel tank or concrete reservoir:

  • Polyethylene tanks are a more economic than conventional stainless steel tanks
  • It is easier to transport, load & install, as it weighs considerably less than steel
  • It is more durable, don’t corrode or rust & don’t have welded joints or seams that easily crack or split under internal water pressure. The plastic walls are also basically stress free.
  • It is easier to customise, with a wide range of sizes & options

Keeping your livestock hydrated during the drought

Providing water to your livestock across hectares of farming land is so much easier with RotoTank’s water troughs. These are some of the core attributes of these expertly designed, low maintenance features:

  • Black UV resistant lining limits growth of algae
  • Insulation helps keep water cool
  • Available in 2,000 & 5,000 litre sizes
  • Float valves ensure constant water levels
  • No metal parts that can rust

RotoTank™ also offers smaller convenient plastic water cribs in 1,000 & 1,800 litre sizes that are ideal for hydrating livestock such as cattle, sheep, ostriches, horses, etc.

Our farmers who are affected by the low rainfall, who are receiving Government’s financial aid, will do well to make investments in long-term innovative solutions that speak to their needs. From crops to livestock they need to invest in turnkey solutions to protect themselves from the effects of a very dry year.

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