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The Benefits of a Polyethylene Water Tank

Having to make a choice between different types of water tanks can get quite complicated. In South Africa, the most popular type of water tank to get is a polyethylene or “plastic” tank rather than the steel tank option.

Cost effective storage tanks

Polyethylene tanks are a more cost effective solution to the traditional stainless steel tanks. They also weigh much less than steel, making transport and loading simpler.

Installation of a plastic water tank is done with ease as their lightweight allows for easy moving to your desired destination.

One of the key features of a plastic water tank is that it is not affected by corrosion or rust. This often happens in steel tanks and depends on the quality of water being stored in the tank.

If you are looking for a more customised solution, polyethylene tanks are your best bet. With a variety of sizes and types to choose from, you are sure to find a tank that is specific to your requirements.

Plastic water tanks are extremely rigid, due to them not having seams. Steel tanks have welded joints, which can corrode or crack if impacted.

Your water storage tank contractor

RotoTank™ specialises in unique water trough or tank combinations. Manufactured from polyethylene, foam which can be added to the tank keeping water cool at all times.

Nutrients can be added to contents of these tanks, with the level of water being constantly controlled by ball valves. A black lining assists with preventing penetration of UV rays thereby preventing the growth of algae.

All our tanks are under warranty and our dedicated staff will gladly assist with delivery and installation of tanks.

RotoTank™ also specialises chemical, transport, septic tanks and silos. For more information on our product range and pricing, contact us today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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