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Poly tank chemical safety

Safe transport and storage of chemical bulk such as fertilizers, chemical processors, fuels such as oil, petrol, paraffin, or diesel requires a great deal of care and attention paid to the type of poly tank and the means at which you intend to transport and later store. Also consider the ready ease of handling the filled poly tank using a fork lift vehicle.

Beginning with the approach of “safety first and always” effective storage using the poly tank storage options is the most feasible solution when transporting and storing sensitive compounds with careful considerations to the following characteristics of the poly tank selected for chemical storage;

  • Will the contents be best stored in a vertical or horizontal container?
  • Based on the type of contents, has the thickness of plastic selected for the specific storage been prepared in accordance with the chemicals resistance table for Polyethylenes?
  • Have sensitivities to temperature change and exposure to light been accounted for?
  • Has the legal requirement for a bunt wall during storage been considered?

How to transport chemical bulk safely.

When selecting a poly tank for the safe transport of sensitive contents, opt for Horizontal Transport Tanks, carefully engineered and tested for the effective, safe and secure conveyance of chemical compounds and sensitive liquid bulk such as; chemical liquids, fuels, grey water, sewage, water and liquid foods.

Careful consideration needs be applied to the transportation of such sensitive compounds in the event of compromised transportation so as to reduce;

  • Cost from loss
  • Environmental impact and insurance risks
  • Health and safety risks of exposure

Portability of storage tanks should also be a major consideration factored when purchasing a poly tank suited for chemical compounds. When selecting an appropriate tank, take care to note if the tank may be moved from storage to dispatch filled with its contents, or if the integrity of the tank will be compromised by doing so. For a more cost effective and time efficient option select a chemical poly tank that offers the option of both, conveniently mounted and portable via specially adapted pallet systems, empty or full and with the peace of mind that safety compliance is adhered to at all times.

What you need to know when selecting storage options for sensitive chemical compounds:

Shape, size and safety characteristics assigned during the engineering design of the chemical tank production should always be at the forefront of your purchase consideration when selecting the ideal poly tank for your storage needs. Whether intended to store raw materials or finished chemical products, maintaining the safe, secure and non-congestive storage of its contents is critical.

Governed by strict chemical storage regulations, the chemical safety of storage tanks should align to;

The Specific Gravity (S.G) of the tank’s contents

  • UV safety protection specifications of the contents
  • Resistence of the plastic to specific contents. (plastic thickness and type compliant to the chemical compound of the tank’s contents)
  • Density (low to high) and chemical resistance of Polyethylene specifications

RotoTank provides a selection of chemical transportation and storage tanks that offers secure and safe transit and storage of various chemical contents or raw compounds. Engineered in compliance with all major international standards and regulations, RotoTank chemical tanks can be customised to suit your specific storage needs while adhering to the manufacturing standard as required by the chemical industry and plastic tank standards.

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