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Storage Tanks For Chemicals

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Chemical storage tanks are built and designed specifically to store chemicals.  These storage tanks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are used for static storage, mixing, and transport of both raw materials and finished chemical products.  Many industries use all types of chemicals, of which some are hazardous. RotoTank™ offers a selection of horizontal tanks that provide secure and safe storage of such chemicals.

Horizontal storage tanks are stress- free and with this, comes many benefits including:

  • Storage of large volumes
  • Chemicals can be carried or stored for a longer duration
  • Horizontal storage tank are easily manufactured and in a short time
  • It’s affordable to manufacture these storage tanks

Our trained draughtsmen and engineers are able to meet any design and manufacturing standard required by the chemical industry. Should you wish for your storage tanks to be tailor-made to suit your storage needs, we can assist you in this regard with Rotomoulding. With Rotomoulding we can manufacture large or unusually shaped tanks to fit your specific requirements. We can also brand or add colour and decorative details to your storage tank.

We pride ourselves in the development of containers used for storing chemicals to all major international standards. Our quality assurance promise ensures that the final product meets our clients’ exacting requirements.

When ordering and installing a horizontal storage tank, there are a few things to remember.

  • Extra heavy duty tanks can be ordered
  • Tank fittings and pipes preferably supported by bellows
  • Base of tank must be solid and level
  • There must be no overhang of tank on base
  • Make sure fittings are tight, but do not over- tighten
  • The weight and quality specifications are recorded for your benefit – make sure you get the right product for the task

Apart from storing chemicals, horizontal storage tanks can also be used for storing water. Water storage tanks can be used for many purposes including: storing drinking water, irrigation agriculture, fire suppression, agricultural farming and livestock, chemical manufacturing in factories, food preparation as well as many other possible solutions.

Speak to us regarding all the technical details and specifications or if you would like to order an horizontal storage tank.

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