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Safe Storage Of Chemicals Using A Plastic RotoTank™

The storing or transporting of chemicals in a plastic RotoTank is regulated by strict chemical storage regulations that dictate mandatory specifications for both chemical containers & storage thereof.

In this article, we investigate Specific Gravity (S.G.) as well as answer the 3 top questions to ask for chemical storage and whether the Roto Tank™ plastic tank option of up to 40,000 litres complies with chemical storage regulations:

  1. What is S.G. of a plastic RotoTank™ tank?

Specific Gravity is the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a reference substance; equivalently, it is the ratio of the mass of a substance to the mass of an equal volume of distilled water @ 4 degrees C. also known as Relative Density.

The S.G. of water is 1 and a substance with a weight of one to one and a half times that of weight of water – will have a S.G. of 1.5

  1. How does S.G. apply to the chemical containers & storage?

According to chemical storage regulations, a plastic tank should be graded according to the S.G. of the substances they are designed to store. The dedicated S.G therefore has a direct impact on the safe storage in chemical containers of chemicals. Simply put, storing a chemical with a high S.G. in a plastic tank that is not made for that purpose – is likely to cause failure of that plastic tankl.

Know how to calculate S.G.

To ensure compliance with chemical storage regulations, it is advisable to consult a chemical storage expert about the S.G. of the chemical before it is stored or transported in a plastic RotoTank™ tank. Click here to speak to a RotoTank™ chemical expert now.

The S.G. of a Roto Tank™ plastic tank is graded as follows:

  • Water tank – S.G. 1.0
  • Medium tank – S.G. 1.4
  • Chemical tank – G 1.6
  • Extra Heavy tank – S.G. 1.8
  • Density = Mass/Volume

3. What substances can be stored and transported in the RotoTank™ plastic tank?

RotoTank™ offers vertical and horizontal transport chemical containers & storage tanks that are graded for storage of water, foodstuffs and heavy chemicals. There is a suitable plastic tank for all storage purposes or requirements of the following applications, for example:

  • Storing & holding all chemical materials, including petrol & diesel fuels
  • Ideal for fertilizer & chemical processors or processes
  • Suitable for & farmers oil & petroleum producers
  • Water harvesting or storage
  • Food FDA graded for storing & transporting food oils

RotoTank™ plastic tank specifications:

RotoTank™ offers both vertical and horizontal designed chemical containers & storage containers. The design of every plastic tank provides for the potential risks of storing chemicals. As a result, all RotoTank™ chemical containers & storage tanks are designed to suit the purpose and to conform as follows:

  • 8-Year UV protection warranty
  • Safeguarded from chemical reaction versus Polyethylene plastic resin
  • Enables easy storing or transporting of chemical bulk
  • Thicker walls to safeguard against unexpected leaks & bursting
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