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How to optimise recycling bins and water tanks for a greener way of life

We share tips on how to utilise items such as recycling bins and plastic water containers, in support of South Africa’s quest to go greener. These tips are easy to implement; both at home and at the office.

Waste doesn’t have to go to waste

If you pause to think about it, waste is disposed of every single day, in every home and office. Yet, an alarming volume of this waste can actually be recycled or repurposed. This could, in turn, lessen use of our precious natural resources significantly which are already at critical levels.

The most obvious place to start when going green; is therefore at the disposal of waste. Here’s how to get the ball rolling…

At work and at home:

  • Procure separate recycling bins for the different recyclable materials (plastic, paper, glass and metal).
  • Buy different colours of bins for each material, to make them easily recognisable.
  • Clearly label each bin according to each of the materials.

At work:

  • Conduct an awareness campaign and notify co-workers of the initiative beforehand.
  • Place the bins strategically in easy-to-reach spots – throughout the office and surrounds.
  • Remove waste bins at desks so that staff members are encouraged to utilise the containers instead.

Unfortunately, too many people assume that waste will be sorted by the waste removal services or at the landfill. In reality however, by the time it gets to the landfill, it is more often than not – too contaminated to be recycled.

Containers for waste disposal

RotoTank™ has an extensive range of high quality plastic containers in different colours and various sizes. All their containers are ultra durable, UV- and chemically resistant, non-toxic and environmentally friendly:

  • Open top bins: also known as open top tanks are a popular choice for easy accessible litter bins, both indoors and outdoors. These bins can be manufactured in a wide variety of bold colours.
  • Recycling bins – cans: Built to last, these bins are perfect outdoor garbage bins for public and office spaces, shopping centres, schools and universities, as well as sports or other outdoorsy events.

Pour cold water on excessive water consumption

South Africans are already feeling the effects of water shedding nationwide and according to all indicators, water will continue to become an increasingly scarce resource worldwide.

We therefore have no choice but to be more mindful and proactive about our water usage. You could start by implementing rainwater harvesting practices to optimise resources we already have. Here’s how:

  • Use plastic water containers to catch and store rainwater during high rain season.
  • Reuse this water for basic domestic cleaning or irrigation purposes.
  • Use the harvested rainwater within a week, to be sure to avoid contamination.

Health and safety is a key factor when it comes to water storage. So invest in quality storage containers that are purposefully designed for this purpose, such as the horizontal and vertical water storage tanks that are manufactured by RotoTank™. Some benefits of the tanks, amongst others are that these tanks are lined to inhibit algae growth and come with 8-year UV protection.

For specialist advice and information on recycling bins or plastic water containers that are most suited to your needs, feel free to contact RotoTank™

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