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Recycle bins. For a sustainable South Africa

With talks of green job creation and South Africa uniting with ideas for sustainable greening solutions, we talk recycle bins and tips on being environmentally friendly. This is key, as the impact of climate change and declining energy resources necessitate a more proactive approach. Not only by households – but also by businesses.

We quote Mr Bart van Uythem, EU Head of Economic and Infrastructure Sector, during the unveiling of the plaque at the new Sethokga Waste Minimisation Facility: “We believe it is an objective that makes economic sense in the long term. In fact, if we can be more resource efficient, reduce our dependency on scarce or volatile raw materials, we can also be more competitive” (Article extract from Tembisan, 23 November 2016).

It starts with the right recycling bin for the right purpose

A major issue that is currently thwarting recycling efforts in our country – is the fact that consumers are not separating recyclable items at home or at the office.

This was recently emphasised in an article in Bizcommunity that was issued by Mpact Recyling on 22 November 2016 – to urge consumers to take greater care in the disposal of their waste. Said Ronald Fairbanks, GM of Mpact Polymers: “We urge consumers to separate recyclable plastic bottles and other recyclable items at home instead of relying on recyclers to do so at landfill. By that time, the plastic is often too contaminated with items such as soil to be recycled”.

Fortunately local manufacturer RotoTank™ has an exceptionally comprehensive range that literally includes a recycle bin for every purpose. The bins are purposefully designed to make it easy for users to recognise which waste it is intended for – through the application of clear signage, graphics and different colours. The range also provides for the following:

  • Larger solutions for schools, universities, corporate estates and public spaces;
  • All-in-one containers or multiple container solutions; and
  • Different types of openings and options for seamless disposal of the different kinds of recyclable waste.

RotoTank’s recycling bins are furthermore 100% recyclable and the company will take in your old bin for processing, to support your eco-friendly initiatives.

Saving water, one of our most critically low resources

South Africa is a semiarid country that has an average of less than 20 inches of rain every year. For this reason, it only makes sense to be conscious of our water consumption at all times. A great way to save water and cut costs, is by implementing rainwater harvesting practices. This simply entails collecting water during high rainfall periods and using it for domestic purposes, such as watering gardens or washing cars.

RotoTank™ has a comprehensive, cost-effective and quality range of horizontal and vertical tanks that are specifically designed for safe and healthy water storage:

  • The company can manufacture a fit-for-purpose poly tank in almost every colour and shape.
  • The capacity of water storage tanks varies from 500 up to 40,000 litres.
  • All tanks offer 8-year UV protection.
  • Tanks are also lined to inhibit algae growth.
  • Just take note that the water collected should ideally be used within 5-7 days, unless it is treated.

It is just important to note that the rainwater collected should ideally be used within 5-7 days, unless it is treated. For more advice or information on recycling bins and water storage tanks, go to www.rototank.co.za.

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