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Recycle, Discover the different products that RotoTank has to offer

Recycle your Waste. There are 3 important R’s that you should know when it comes to recycling. Reducing the amount of items you own and the amount of waste you create, which means less stuff will end up in the garbage bin. Reusing what you can, gives your items another life and keeps them out of the dustbin. Recycling takes different types of materials and puts them to good use, enriching the economy, creating jobs and manufacturing new products.

Recycle and reduce your household or company’s waste material with our extensive range of RotoTank™ recycling bins. There are different types of coloured recycling bins for different purposes:

  • Use Green Bins for cycling glass.
  • Use the yellow recycling bin for plastic.
  • Utilize the blue recycling bin for paper.
  • Employ the red recycling bin for cans.

Recycling Your Waste with our RotoTank™ bins.

The RotoTank™ recycling bins are available for schools, office complexes, public spaces and universities. They also have a built-to-last design. There are a variety of options and opening to allow for easy disposal to recycle items, for example plastic bottles at an outdoor event or plastic bags at a shopping centre.

Our recycling bins are 100% recyclable, and we will take in your old bins to help you remain environmentally friendly.

At RotoTank™, not only do we provide solutions for recycling bins but we also offer poly tank solutions.

As manufacturers, Poly tank is the most commonly used plastic tank material. It has good chemical resistance, is impact resistant, and easily mouldable. Because of its economical price and wide range of uses polyethylene is available in many different styles including vertical, horizontal, septic, and many more.

Poly tanks are a cost effective solution compared to the traditional steel tanks and RotoTank™ offers the largest range of tanks. From the smallest to the largest available in Africa, delivered with you in mind and delivered straight to your door.

Some of these are best suited for above ground use, while others perform well underground. Some are safer for drinking, others are better for grey water use.

Here are advantages of choosing a poly tanks vs. a steel water tank:

  1. Poly tanks are less expensive than steel tanks; even the highest quality polyethylene tanks are still comparatively cheaper than similar sized galvanised steel tanks and much cheaper than stainless steel tanks.
  2. The company produces rotational-moulded or ‘roto-moulded’ poly tanks as single-piece structures, ensuring the absence of seams, cracks, or splits. In contrast, steel tanks are manufactured using panels, which inherently results in weak areas at the joins and makes them susceptible to corrosion.
  3. High quality, rotational-moulded poly tanks like the ones manufactured by RotoTank™, have a similar service life expectancy compared to galvanised steel tanks.
  4. Plastic water tanks are available in a wider range of shapes, types and sizes.
  5. When it comes to installation, plastic water tanks are generally easier to move and they require less labour to install when compared with steel water tanks. This makes the cost for installation a lot less.
  6. Plastic tanks can be better than steel water as a wide range of different coloured plastic tanks are available. This makes plastic tanks easier to blend with the surrounding environment and comply with building codes where certain coloured are specified or prohibited.
  7. Polyethylene tanks are motionless so they do not react with most chemicals or salts that may be in the water.
  8. Plastic water tanks are available in a wider range of different shapes, types and sizes.

Contact RotoTank™ to recycle today. Take your recycling bins to the next level with our wide range of RotoTank™ recycling bins. We also offer plastic silos, plastic water tanks, and large plastic water tanks. RotoTank™ also offers you reliability and lasting strength. We do not mass produce our tanks and we take the utmost care in manufacturing each tank. We provide you with an affordable solution that you can trust.

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