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Plastic Tanks Manufactured To Your Requirements

RotoTank™ is manufacturer of plastic tanks designed for the storage of water, fuels, chemicals, fertilisers, and other liquids. Our plastic tankscan be custom moulded to suit your specific storage tank requirements. We manufacture various sizes of plastic tanks to suit almost any agricultural, industrial or home installation. Our vertical and silo tanks are the perfect plastic containers for the use of storing drinking water as well as chemicals.

We manufacture plastic tanks from 500 litres to a whopping 27 000 litres. You are sure to find the right sized and shaped plastic tank for your storage needs. We manufacture both vertical and horizontal type tanks as well as septic tanks and Silos.

Whether you are a farmer or a factory producing sugar or cement, RotoTank™ manufactures and supplies various kinds of Silos to suit whatever your bulk storage needs may be.

RotoTank™’s Silos come in various shapes, colours and sizes ranging from 175 litters to 20 000 litters. Silos are suitable for both liquid and dry storage. We manufacture plastic tanks in any shape and size to fit its purpose.

At RotoTank™ we are dedicated to offering you quality products and services. We commit to supplying value to all customers, through provision of consistently high quality products, delivered on time, that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. As manufacturers of plastic tanks for storage purposes, we work closely with our clients to ensure we manufacture tanks to the specification of our valued customers’s needs.

If you need a tank built to suit your individual storage needs as a farmer, company of even household, speak to us today.

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