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Water Pump CPM158 End Suction 0.75kw & Controller

Pump CPM158 0.75kw
Type: Single Pump
Pressure Max: 3.2 Bar
Power: 0.75Kw
What's in the box:
1 x Pump with controller
Quiet and maintenance-free
Excellent hydraulic performance
Optimal design



Pump CPM158 End Suction 0.75kw & Control

Code: 15025000

0.75kW – 1HP
Pressure Max: 3.2 Bar

Max Flow = 120ltr/min
Max Head Hight = 32m
Max Suction Hight = 7m

Flow Controller DSK2
100% Copper Winding
Brass Impeller
Ceramic / Graphite Seal

This single impeller centrifugal pump is suited to cover any small, medium, or large capacity installation; for domestic, agricultural, and industrial purposes, with automatic water distribution through small and medium sized tanks. For sprinkler and flood irrigation systems in gardening and agriculture, to increase derivation system pressure in aqueducts.

Operating conditions:
– Liquid temperature up to 60 C
– Ambient temperature up to 40 C
– Continuous duty
– Cast iron pump body
– Cast iron motor support
– Stainless steel AISI 304 shaft with rotor
– Stainless steel AISI 304 impeller
– Ceramic/Graphite/NBR mechanical seal

What’s in the box
1x Pump
1x Controller

View Pump Brochure for Onsite Fault Finding

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