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Combo Special Vertical 5000l Water Tank, HMS 0.75 Pump, UV Light, Water Filters

HMS -Pump - 0.75kw -220V Intelli Boost
Pump Cover
Suction Hose kit 25mm
Float Valve Kit
Big Blue Water Filters 20″ set of 3 in frame
Suitable for Home or Office
Complete Municipal inline feed set up
All components of the highest quality
10 year tank warranty
Does Not Include Installation



Product Type: Vertical 5000 L Water Tank Combo

Included In Combo:

  • Vertical 5000l Water Tank
  • Big Blue Filters 10007
  • Uv Light – In Tank Sani Light UV 55W In Tank
  • HMS -Pump – 0.75kw -220V Intelli Boost HMS750
  • Suction Hose SHK25MM
  • Float Valve Kit
  • Pump Cover PCover

Tank Size: 5000 L

Product code: V5000W

Product Use: Water storage

Color: Green/Tan/Grey

Material: LLDPE-Linear Low-Density Polyethylene

Eco friendly: UV – Resistant

Fittings: Supplied with 40mm Red RotoTank™ connectors

Specific Gravity: 1.0 SG

Delivery: Free Nationwide -Delivery is free of charge to the nearest entry point on the property.

It is the client’s responsibility to arrange the placement of the tank to the desired position.

Warranty: 10 – Year

Warranty exceptions: Incorrect installation of the tank

Diameter: 1800mm

Height: 2150mm

Weight: 80kg

Inlet: 40mm Top Red RotoTank™ fitting

Outlet: 40mm Base Red RotoTank™ fitting

Lid Size: 180mm

Big Blue Water Filters 20″ set of 3 in frame

Code: 10007

The Waterfall Triple big blue is a three-stage water filtration system designed to give you clean water in your home. It’s perfect for filtering sand, rust, mud, and chlorine out of your water. This system can be easily installed and can easily be attached to a wall.

Key Features:
– 3 Stage Filtration
– Removes Sand, Rust, Mud and Chlorine
– Improves Taste, Color and Odor of Water
– Installs Easily

What’s in the box
1 x Housing and Filter Body
1 x Key

Code: Light UV 55W in Tank

The Sani Submersible has been locally manufactured for over 10 years. Unlike a single pass UV device, the Sani Submersible is designed for even greater effectiveness. Placed within the tank the UV-C has much more dwell time tending to the water, assisting to deactivate bacteria, viruses, or any harmful waterborne pathogens. As a result, the quality of the water is enhanced. Used in conjunction with a filtration system, your water is safe and secure to drink.

How to ensure UV-C effectiveness

  • Water Source?
    • Municipal can be improved by filtering water down for drinking purposes
    • Rainwater Harvested from roof is clean
  • Filtration
    • To ensure the UV-C can function at its best it’s important to have filtration to remove any or all particulates down to 0.2 micron leaving minerals within the water.
  • Water Usage
    • The UV-C needed to have sufficient contact time with the water. When your daily usage is high, drawing out most of the water there could be a need for added tanks of added UV-C to be compatible with how fast the water is used.

Contained in Kit

  • 1pc Safety Glasses
  • 2pc metal fastening disks with screws
  • 1pc cable tie
  • 2pc ballast fastening P-clips
  • Installation guide pamphlet

Installation must be followed for safety standards. Click to View Guide

Specifications on Pump

Model:   HMS – 0.75kw pump – variable speed – steel pump – Max Flow 83.3lt/min

Steel Body

No Rust

Run Quiet

Solar Compatible

Code: HMS750

View Pump Brochure for Onsite Fault Finding

Specifications on Suction Hose Kit (included in Kit)

Reducing Nipple:              40-25mm x 1

Compact Ball valve:         25mm x 2

Quick coupler male:        25mm x 2

Quick coupler Female:    25mm x 2

Suction Hose:                    25mm x 300mm length (green)

Specifications on Pump Cover Large

Height: 700mm

Width:  370mm

Length:  765mm

Float Valve Kit (included in Kit)

Orang Float:                         150mm orange float

Brass Float Valve:                 Brass Torrenti 20mm Flat valve (heavy pressure)

Running Nipple:                   20mm

Reducing Bush:                    40/20mm

Socket:                                  20mm

Plumbers Tape:                    1 x 12mm x 12m Heavy duty


Features of the Water Tank

Manufactured with the best food grade LLDPE Virgin Plastic
UV Resistant and BPA -Free
Food Grade Inner Black liner
Sturdy ribs for added strength & durability
Suitable for domestic and commercial use
Agricultural approved for use with livestock
Black Inner liner – prevents algae growth
Agreement Approved
Registered with Armsa, Master Builders & Plastic Convertors Association
Heavy weights of the industry
Child Safety Lids Standard
Strong sealed tank connectors as standard


All tanks should be installed as per our recommendations
Check your area for installation – that you have sufficient height and diameter
Vertical tank stands are available at an extra cost
Tanks should be secured in place once full
Suitable for above ground level only
Vertical water tanks are designed for stationary purpose only
Trained technicians for back up service and Advice available

Excludes Installation

Colour Variants

Actual colours may vary. We do our best to ensure that our photos are as true to colour as possible. However, due to photographic lighting sources, inconsistencies of various monitors settings, we cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

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