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Koi Ponds. The change in season

Koi ponds are perfect for enhancing spring and summer gardens as it not only forms beautiful aesthetic features, but the flowing water and moving fish also create tranquility and serenity – at the same time. We share some non-PT insider tips and insights to help ensure seamless installation and maintenance of your koi pond.

Simplify your life by using a plastic pool to create your koi pond

Long-term practicality and economy should be key considerations when embarking on mission koi pond. As plastic pools are manufactured from heavy duty industrial plastic, it is a highly sensible alternative to fibre glass pools. These are just some of the benefits it holds:

  • More cost-effective
  • Lasts longer and does not easily crack
  • Algae resistant
  • Does not have to be cleaned as often
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Only unskilled labour needed for installation
  • Increases the water temperature

Installation of a plastic koi pond

All it takes to install your plastic Koi pond are eight exceptionally easy steps:

  1. Outline the shape: to determine the correct shape and size of the hole that needs to be dug for your Koi pond, simply place the plastic pond upside down on the area where you wish to place it.
  2. Dig a hole: start digging from the outer edge of the plastic pond towards the inside. When you are done, the hole needs to be just a few centimetres larger than the pond.
  3. Smooth the hole: make sure that the bottom of the hole is level and that any sharp rocks and stones are cleared out.
  4. Fill the hole: tip a six centimetre layer of sand into the hole
  5. Lower the liner into the hole: carefully place the liner inside and make sure that it ‘fits’ snugly
  6. Fill sides: use sand or soil to fill up the few centimetres of space around the pond and check that it is firmly in place.
  7. Fill with water: fill the Koi pond liner up with water
  8. Firm up: use your hands to place soil under the marginal shelves.

When you purchase your plastic koi pond from RotoTank™, it comes complete with a sump and cone for hassle-free connection to filtration systems. It is also accompanied by a technical sheet and extremely user-friendly instructions.

The key to long-term sustainability – is top quality

To ensure that you use your time and resources optimally – it is of the utmost importance to use a plastic koi pond that is bound to stand the test of time. For this reason, it only makes sense to procure your plastic pool from a company such as RotoTank™ – who has been the go-to manufacturer and supplier in the plastic container and water tank space – for more than three decades. These are some of their main differentiators:

  • 30+ years of resin moulding & 40+ years of plastic roto moulding know-how
  • Continuous research and development to fulfil evolving market needs
  • No mass production and an uncompromising approach to quality
  • 24/7 production
  • Door-to-door delivery nationwide

Roto Tank™ furthermore offers a complete repertoire of products that includes plastic pools, silos, water tanks and containers for both transportation and storage of water, agricultural substances, chemicals and septic matter. Click here for an obligation free quotation or more information.

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