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Water Storage Tanks; Colour Makes a Difference

RotoTank designs and manufactures water storage tanks for commercial and residential purposes. The need for a water storage tank varies and applies to many industries: storage of water for drinking, irrigation in agriculture, fire suppression, agricultural farming for both for plants and livestock, chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other applications.

Effects of colour on water storage tanks

When considering what water storage tank to purchase, you should take several factors into account. If the tank will be exposed to sunlight, you will want to buy one that’s painted in a bright colour, preferably white because lighter colours have a greater albedo: that is, they reflect more light or heat energy. A darker coloured water storage tank absorbs comparatively more light and converts that light into heat energy: as a result, the water in the tank increases in temperature. This is important to consider especially if the water stored is for drinking or irrigation purposes.

At RotoTank we supply a range of water storage tanks in a wide assortment of colours. We can make your coloured water storage tank in as short a time as a week or two.

Your water storage tank will require fittings so that you can attach the pipes or hoses that will carry the water to and from the tank. We stock a wide selection of polypropylene or PVC fittings including:

    • Valves
    • Pumps
    • Pipe
    • Hoses

If you have special custom modifications that are required for your water storage tank, we can supply them according to colour, shape, and size. The experts at RotoTank have decades of experience in fabrication, modification and plastic welding.

All of our water storage tanks are made from FDA approved materials. Simple fittings are normally installed within 24 hours and the tank is ready for pick-up or delivery.

Our ordering procedures are simple. If you are unsure about which tank you require call us for assistance otherwise visit our shop.  Remember to complete the form, print and fax it to us on the numbers provided below. We will fax or e-mail a confirmation and drawing of the tank so you can choose your colour and indicate the location of installation as well as any fittings you may need.

We will prepare the tank and either have it ready for pick-up or ship it directly to you at a minimal fee.

Contact RotoTank for water storage tank enquiries and orders.

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