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RotoTank™ Water Pump Covers

What is a RotoTank™ Pump Cover used for?      

The Water Pump Cover is a housing to protect your household pump from the elements, you have electric cables running from the pump to a power point. These cables and the electrical components such as the control PC board need to be protected, they are in a sealed unit but with extreme weather conditions in South Africa it helps to add the extra layer of protection. In Coastal regions it also helps to protect the metal parts from sea salt and prevents rust.

Are Pump Covers easy to Install?

RotoTank™ design team have created the water pump cover so you can fit pumps from 0.37kw up to 1.1 kw, one size fits all. When installing your plumber will position your pump as close to your tank as possible, from there you can simply cut the angles you need and allow your pipes and cables to go in the directions you require.

How Strong are RotoTank™ Pump Covers?

They can withstand 100kg weight when stood upon. They are not designed to take weight for lengthy periods of time, they are robust and light weight.

What Colours are RotoTank™ Covers Supplied in?

RotoTank™ water pump covers come in the full range of colours, to match your water tank.

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