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Save on water and waste storage

In South Africa, plastic storage product suppliers are plentiful. Typing the search term “water tank for sale” in your area or within a given price will render a limitless number of results.

From all the results, you always want to ensure you choose the best and most reliable of the suppliers, with a product that will not fall short on quality.

At RotoTank; manufacturers of water, chemical, transport, silos and septic tank products, we have a range of shapes and sizes available to suit almost any customer need and any environmental or organisational requirement.

The benefits of clicking on that “water tank for sale” search result makes a worthwhile investment to your home, land and life. We’ll cover the benefits and the various uses for said water tanks and let you make the final decision for yourself.

The use of water tanks can assist during a water crisis like Cape Town had in the beginning of the year and that many other parts of the country and the world continue to experience in their day to day lives. Other benefits of these water tanks are the assistance they bring to conserving water as a precious resource of the Earth by:

  1. Continuous cost-saving by reducing water bills.

This in turn means you provide an alternative water source during restrictions and help maintain a green solution.

  1. Reduce operating costs for municipal infrastructure.

In a country that has a growing population and high levels of unemployment and infrastructure demands, service providers that have water tanks for sale and available to more households lessens the demands on the country’s local and national governance to allocate more financial budgets to infrastructure that can ensure healthy water reaches all citizens, no matter where they are.

  1. Once a water tank is properly installed, it is easy to maintain and even easier to fill up and store water in instances when it rains.

The full range of our products provides tanks for “space sensitive” properties and expands all the way up to “large capacity” tanks that can be used on industrial and agricultural properties. Our range of water tanks for sale range from 500 litres of water to 40000 litres capacity for water.

In communities with water restraints or instances of water shortage, you often find the secondary problem that occurs and there is a lack of management of discharge of human waste matter. The Septic system is   passive and self-sufficient and operates by gravity forces alone. The solid waste is putrefied and decomposed through anaerobic bacterial digestion.

Our Septic/Conservancy tank systems are a convenient and easy to install utility especially when the location or site is isolated from and not connected to a municipal sewage system, such as rural areas communities and can also be adopted by urban households. A French Drain/Soakaway system usually incorporates a Septic/Conservancy tank system. Although, this incorporates a 2-chamber system.

Our Septic/Conservancy tanks are a key on-site sewage facility. The RotoTank™ plastic Septic/Conservancy tanks offer a wide selection varying from 1 – 55 persons per residential complexes.

A properly septic system is odour-free and should last decades with minimal maintenance.

Whether it is a vertical water tank or a septic tank you choose to invest in, our plastic storage products will offer:

  • Storage tanks for 500 litres to 40000 litres.
  • Cost effective solution when compared to using other expensive and labour-intensive options. Once installed, your tank SHOULD last you a lifetime.
  • Water can be reused in different parts of the household or agricultural land and septic waste water is a relatively clear effluent and disposed of in a drain or seepage field depending on locality.
  • Our wide size and shape range helps you save space, in space-sensitive areas.

Tall and thin, short and fat, all points in between – think about what space you have available and go from there.

The world needs peace, economic stability, and now more than ever; water tanks and increased efforts around water conservation. Water is a most precious commodity – save it.

A RotoTank storage tank of your liking is indeed the first step.

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