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RotoTank™ Safety Barriers are used on construction sites

Why are safety barriers used in the construction industry?

Safety barriers are essential components on construction sites to protect workers, visitors, and the public from potential hazards. These barriers serve multiple crucial functions. Firstly, they establish clear boundaries, delineating safe zones from active construction areas, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and accidents.

Secondly, barriers provide visual cues and physical impediments to warn individuals of dangers such as excavations, open pits, or falling debris. This visual and physical presence helps prevent accidental falls and collisions.

Additionally, Barriers can absorb impact energy, reducing the severity of accidents when they do occur. For instance, guardrails along elevated work areas can prevent workers from falling, while concrete jersey barriers can shield workers and passersby from vehicular traffic.

Overall, safety barriers are indispensable safeguards that promote construction site safety by reducing accidents, enhancing visibility of hazards, and creating secure zones, thereby ensuring a safer environment for all stakeholders involved in the construction process.

They reduce the likelihood of a workplace accident. They are structures that are designed to prevent entry into a potentially dangerous area, or areas that are a potential hazard. Foremost, they are used to mitigate risks.

  • Protection
  • Segregation
  • Defining routes
  • Pedestrian support
  • Traffic barriers
  • Crash barriers
  • Pedestrian barriers
  • Guardrails

Decant-A Tanks for Construction Sites. To find out more click the image above.

Safety Barriers for Construction Sites

Construction barriers are specifically designed to be highly visible to oncoming traffic and are tested to ensure that they can withstand crashes at certain speeds.

When looking for the correct Safety Barrier to meet your requirements, always investigate the strength and durability, RotoTank™ has done extensive testing to its safety barriers and they have stood all the harsh environmental tests thrown it way.

These Safety barriers are perfect for crowd or vehicle control and assisting you protect your construction site; the units easily interconnect for quick easy installation on site and can be moved easily from site to site.

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