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Make your water storage tank method easier

Here are the basic truths.

  1. There is a constant increase in the world’s and our country’s population.
  2. There are major increases in global construction and industrialization activities.

With all that, comes the increased demand for water supply to these different areas where people live and the sites where construction is happening. What to do?

Invest in a storage solution like a Rototank™ water storage tank is the answer.

In many households and schools within various areas of South Africa, one is bound to find a water storage tank. This sight is more prevalent in rural areas as well as the ones without developed water and sewerage systems. Most schools, hospitals, factories and commercial buildings also cannot do without them but as times change and climate change continues to take a swing at the ways of nature, the manufacturing of water storage tanks is growing as a business for these evolving Third World issues. A reliable water tank (or various degrees of storage needs) is an important, even crucial, requirement.

Choosing the perfect water storage tank supplier.

Enter Rototank™ Manufacturers. We make tanks varying in size from 500 litres to 40,000 litres. The smaller sized tanks are used by households, while orders for our larger variety come from schools, offices blocks, farms, hotels and industrial-local businesses.

Unlike citizens in the American and European parts of the world, who have to worry about their water freezing in the pipes during the colder seasons, our hot/humid African climate doesn’t have that problem. The real problem we have is simply “having no water at all” to come through our supply pipes”

In a recent article in Ricochet News, the writer wrote that, “Energy and water self-sufficiency are increasingly important factors in home buyers’ choice of property – especially in Cape Town where the extreme drought of the past few years has made municipal supply costly as well as uncertain.”

“Water and sanitation are two key problems within our continent. By investing in a water storage tank, you are ensuring that your family or business operations never have to suffer because of water shortage. Once the investment has been made by you, our team delivers all quality, plastic water tanks to any destination in South Africa, free of charge.

Our varied range of plastic storage tanks are manufactured based on the type of liquid to be stored- our full product offering covers every consumer and industrial need, no matter the size or quantity.

Additionally, when compared to old school cement and steel manufacturer tanks, our plastic water storage tank(s) make installation and storage a lightweight and space-efficient exercise.

From non-potable water to potable water flow, these types of tanks are widely adaptable for storage. The variety can even cover liquid fertilizers, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), farm & agriculture chemicals, industrial chemicals, cleaning agents, soaps, waste vegetable oil, brine and other High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) – the safe storage opportunities are limitless!

The process that goes into making of our rototanks is of the highest quality and ensures optimal safety for our team and the eventual owner of the tank once they have it delivered and installed.

The choice to invest in a water storage tank doesn’t have to be made under duress or once there’s a serious emergency. Preparation is always the key to ensuring that your ducks are all in a row for when Mother Nature cannot provide the basic, essential resources herself.

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