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Rototank, Vertical Chemical Storage Tanks


RotoTankTM Vertical Chemical Storage Tank Installation. We are a manufacturer of water tanks, vertical chemical tanks, transport tanks, septic tanks and silos. We are a national brand with branches around the country. We sell directly to the public and deliver for free.


At RotoTankTM there are three major considerations to take into account when you are a business who uses chemical tanks: Installation; Service; and Inspection.

Often one might want to retrofit a tank to store a different chemical or you may have to install a new tank altogether. Questions arise about how old should you allow a polyethylene tank to become containing chemicals? Do the sidewall fittings, venting, and brackets of your current tank still ensure safe operation and long levity of the tank? Chemical tanks are different from water tanks and should be treated as such.

Installations and Start-ups

Firstly, the tank site must be examined, and the installation area should be inspected to ensure the existing tank is properly installed according to industry standards or suitable conditions are in place for a new tank. Before a new tank is added to your set-up, sidewall fittings, expansion joints, adequate venting, and proper bracketing of the items that are in place should be inspected to make sure the risk of tank failure is minimized, and the existing tanks’ useful life is optimized. Many customers wish to avoid pipe and sidewall support and design their own supports, which will require inspection for tank warranty reasons. Of course, a new set-up could be planned ahead of installation by site engineers and RotoTankTM technician will be available for consultation.

It is important to remember that every installation is unique. Chemical storage tank systems and installations can vary greatly based on the chemicals being stored, the location of the tank and surrounding environmental factors such as exposure to wind, sun, or location in an earthquake area, and how the tank is filled. Special consideration should be given to the materials manufacturer’s chemical resistance data to ensure that we are able to provide you with the correct type of tank at the correct strength.

Service of Existing Tanks

Here at RotoTankTM we regularly responding to customers’ phone calls and email requests regarding tank maintenance and repairs to enhance the overall tank performance and useful life. We tend to have long term relationships with our chemical customers. Each tank has a unique seral number and its history can be traced back to the day of production. Most chemical companies also keep detailed records of the volumes and types of chemicals stored in the tanks.  We often address specific warranty questions and often advise on whether the tank is leaking or compromised?

Inspection and Evaluation of Older Tanks

The RotoTankTM team for tank inspections can reduce the expenses the tank owner may encounter on extending the life of the tank well beyond its warranty. Advice on fittings and gaskets can be provided. We can also test tank samples to ensure the tank integrity is still intact. If you’re changing the chemical being stored, a RotoTankTM technician can ensure that your tank is compatible and if compatible, correctly fitted for the new chemical.

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