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Water Level Gauge Plus

Next Gen Tank Gauge


  • Easy to Read -face features “Empty” and “Full”
  • Real time data available for one or multiple tanks through one app.
  • Suitable for above ground tanks measuring 4 meter tall. Can be installed in a variety of different tank shapes with ease.
  • Quick and easy to install. Seals directly to the tank. Utilises a reliable solid float system. Easy to read dial with ‘Empty’ and ‘Full’ indicators. With smart device-WiFi app to your smart phone.
  • Requires batteries.

What’s in the box:

1 x Gauge and weight – Installation Guide




Product Type: Water Level Gauge Plus

Water Level Gauge Plus Features:

Monitor your tank levels locally via Bluetooth, or remotely from anywhere on the Sigfox network. Reliable and accurate monitoring on any tank type up to 4 meters (13 feet) tall. Monitor your rainwater level, inflows, and usage from the top of your tank or your mobile device with this smart tank gauge.

An essential accessory for any water tank, no matter the setup, rainwater harvesting or municipal, knowing your water level helps you manage your water needs.

Easy to install and set up, keeping you updated with your water needs.


Read More Video Installation


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