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Sani UV-C 145 Submersible Light

Code – LUV145

Description: For tanks 10 000l upwards

Locally Manufactured UV-C application
Easy to Follow Installation guide
9000 h effective hours
Technical support
Prevents water from going sour
Destroys harmful bacteria in water
Destroys harmful viruses in water
Prevents Insects within water
Various models available




The Sani Submersible is a recognized application manufactured locally for over 10 years. Unlike a single pass UV device, the Sani Submersible is designed for even greater effectiveness. Placed within the tank the UV-C has much more dwell time tending to the water deactivating bacteria, viruses, or any harmful waterborne pathogens.

How to ensure UV-C effectiveness

  • rototank, Sani UVWater Source?
    • Borehole water report will allow guidance with filtration required
    • Municipal can be improved by filtering water down for drinking purposes
    • Rainwater Harvested from roof is clean
  • Filtration
    • To ensure the UV-C can function at its best it’s important to have filtration to remove any or all particulates down to 0.2 micron leaving minerals within the water.
  • Water Usage
    • The UV-C needed to have sufficient contact time with the water. When your daily usage is high, drawing out most of the water there could be a need for added tanks of added UV-C to be compatible with how fast the water is used.

Contained in Kit

  • 1pc Safety Glasses
  • 2pc metal fastening disks with screws
  • 1pc cable tie
  • 2pc ballast fastening P-clips
  • Installation guide pamphlet

1 x Sani UV-C Submersible 185 W device

Technical Details

  • Model 145 W
  • Input 220V
  • Ampere 0.3A
  • Frequency 50Hz
  • Tanks storing 10000 L upwards
  • Length of Sani Light 1410mm including removable weight
  • Enclosure Quarts sleeve
  • Source UV-C 253.7nm germicidal

Might need to disconnect plug for 5 min of power has been interrupted. Faulty device guarantee excluded broken, damaged lamp, glass, or components

Installation must be followed for safety standards.
What’s in the Box
1 x vu light 145W

Installation must be followed for safety standards. Click to View Guide

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