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Koi Pond 6000l

Highly durable rotational moulded Polyethylene
UV Resistant & BPA free
10 Year warranty
Free Delivery
Simple Design for easy installation
Suitable for above or below ground installation



Product Type: Koi Pond 6000l

Product code: Koi Pond 6000l

Size: 6000l

Product Use: Strong durable Pond for Fish growth

Colour: Black

Material: LLDPE-Linear Low-Density Polyethylene

Eco Friendly:  UV – Resistant

Guarantee: 10 Years

Delivery: Free Nationwide – Delivery is free of charge to the nearest entry point on the property.

It is the client’s responsibility to arrange the placement of the tank to the desired position.

Koi Pond Warranty: 10 – Year

Warranty exceptions: Incorrect Installation of Koi Pond

Length: 2750mm

Width: 2340mm

Depth: 1315mm

Weight: 150kg

Delivery: Free Delivery Nation Wide


Koi Pond Features

Manufactured with the best food grade
LLDPE Virgin Plastic
UV Resistant and BPA -Free
Suitable for Domestic and Commercial use
Agricultural approved for use with livestock
Agreement Approved
Registered with Armsa, Master Builders
& Plastic Convertors Association
Heavy Weights of the industry
Suitable for above or below ground installation

Koi Pond Safety

Koi Ponds are designed for easy installation
Base of pond is set up for out flow and drainage
Please ensure area is child safe to prevent drowning


More About RotoTank™ Koi Ponds

It is advisable to position a RotoTank™ koi pond in a sunny spot. You can, however, site your pond in an area that is in shade for part of the day or sits in dappled shade. It is not a clever idea to put your pond in a very shady area, as it will become stagnant. Your Koi require plants that supply oxygen to the water, these plants will need sunlight.

After a Heavy rainfall make sure to remove leaves, twigs or any other debris that made its way into your Koi Pond, this will reduce the possibility of algae growth.

Only clean the Koi Pond once every three to five years. If you keep the pond clean throughout the year by using nets to prevent leaf accumulation and removing plant debris as it begins to wilt, you will need to clean less often.

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