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Plastic Shed

Why are RotoTank™ Plastic Sheds an Innovative Idea?

Plastic is durable flexible and can withstand the harsh African weather, from extreme heat in the summer months to the freezing temperatures in the winter. Because of their functionality, RotoTank™ plastic sheds are incredibly substantial value compared to the alternatives. If you want something that’s lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant, then plastic is the best choice.

Does a RotoTank™ garden or toilet unit need a foundation?

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Smaller sheds of up to 8×6 do not need a foundation, At RotoTank™ we would recommend a solid base under the unit if being used as a permanent fixture, as a toilet unit for example. If being used as a temporary unit we do suggest that the ground be levelled to prevent it from being unstable, a mix of sand and fine stone compacted below the unit will aid in keeping it level, the units however can be placed straight onto grass once again we suggest that the area be level as much as possible.

Can a RotoTank™ Plastic Shed get Blown Away?

By Nature, plastic is light weight and can in very windy conditions get blown away, we would suggest if you were in a windy area to secure your unit to the ground, this can be done easily with RotoTank™ tie downs available at any of the country wide branches.

What are the Benefits of a RotoTank™ Plastic Shed?

  1. Strength and Durability
  2. Lock up and go
  3. Set up with ease
  4. Portable
  5. Versatile uses
  6. Blends into the environment
  7. Neat and appealing design
  8. Gutter system built in
  9. Cost effective
  10. Minimal maintenance

What other uses are there for a RotoTank ™ Plastic Shed?

The answer is endless, RotoTank™ Utility units can be found on building sites as both ablution blocks as well as guard sheds and site office units, because of the unique design three or four units may be attached to each other and internal walls taken out to increase the overall size, in this way large events can utilize different units on site for shower units or excess storage. Internal frame works and shelving can be added to hold garden equipment, toilets and hand basins installed for a VIP ablution block, rails and hangers fitted as changing rooms for pool house purposes.

How easy is it to clean a RotoTank™ Plastic shed?

Due to the design, you can easily use a high-pressure washer and clean the unit from top to bottom inside and out without any damage.

How does the Built in Gutter system on a RotoTank Plastic Shed Work?

Due to RotoTank’s unique design two channels have been created by the design team on the roof section, with the roof having a dome pitch this then gravity feeds the runoff water to these channels, they can then have downpipes attached and the rainwater can feed back into a vertical water tank to supply your toilet unit.

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