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Get a plastic silo that fits your needs. Also enquire about an approved, steel stand for safety security.

Most farmers are still confused on which silo is more beneficial for their business. Learn more on the advantages of plastic silos vs the traditional metal silos.

Farming in South Africa is diverse and ranges from intensive crop production to cattle and sheep farming. We have a dual agricultural economy, which means that we have well-developed commercial farming and subsistence-based farming in the rural areas.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of choices farmers need to make but one of the things they have in common is their need for good quality, affordable equipment. This includes tractors, planters, and even large plastic water tanks.

Plastic water tanks come in many shapes and sizes and offer quite a few benefits such as being cost-effective, lighter and being simpler to install. In the farming industry, plastic silos have been making waves and are even replacing the traditional metal silos.

Plastic silos or conical tanks have many uses and are used to store grain and fermented seed or silage. However, they can also be used to store coal, cement, wood chips, food products, sawdust, and even chemicals. They can also be used for recycling purposes.

If you are, however, still confused as to why you should rather use a plastic silo for your business, we’ve compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages, as well as reasons why you should definitely consider a plastic silo.

Disadvantages of metal silos

  • Metal silos are expensive: Compared to plastic silos, metal silos can sometimes be double or even triple the price.
  • Metal silos are heavy: This one might be obvious but some metal silos can weigh up to 8 000 kg… empty!
  • Metal silos rust over time: At least with a plastic water tank or plastic silo, you have a guarantee that no rust will contaminate your water or grain.

Advantages of plastic silos

  • Plastic silos give you options: You can store liquids or dry goods in your plastic silo without any problems. You also have colour choices which are important for some industrial or processing applications.
  • Plastic silos are easy to install: No crane required.
  • Plastic silos are low maintenance: Rust resistant, dent- and maintenance-free. What more do you want?
  • Plastic silos are cheaper: Whether you are the biggest or smallest farmer in South Africa, a plastic silo is much cheaper than a metal one and, as mentioned, has various other uses besides storing grain or water.

At RotoTank, we pride ourselves on delivering value and quality to our customers and here are a few more reasons you should choose RotoTank for all your plastic silo, plastic water tanks, and large plastic water tank needs:

  • We endeavour to deliver within 7 days and deliver to anywhere in South Africa
  • Our tanks comes with an 8-year UV protection and an 8-year structural strength warranty
  • Our plastic silos come in a range of shapes and colours – from 175 litres to 20 000 litres
  • We have a variety of colours to choose from
  • Our plastic silos are perfect for liquid and dry bulk storage

Contact RotoTank today to give your farming business the boost it needs with our wide range of plastic silos, plastic water tanks, and large plastic water tanks. 

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