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Gauteng Water Crisis reaching further each day!

There are several factors contributing to the water crisis in Gauteng, and it’s important to note that the situation is getting increasingly worse day by day. Some of the key factors contributing to the water crisis in Gauteng included:
Aging Infrastructure, much of South Africa’s water infrastructure, including dams and pipelines, is aging and in need of maintenance and upgrades. This has led to water losses and supply disruptions.

Misappropriation of funding and tender processes not being followed, with corruption problems at every corner has slowed the urgent need for upgrades and repairs to be carried out timeously.

Lack of experienced and qualified Technicians and Engineers has also slowed the process considerably.

Population Growth, Gauteng is the country’s most populous province and has experienced rapid population growth. The increased demand for water has put pressure on the existing water supply infrastructure.

Pollution of water sources, including rivers and reservoirs, can make water sources unsafe for consumption and has increased the cost of water treatment.

Inefficient water uses in, industry, and households can exacerbate water scarcity issues. Taps left running, burst mains not repaired for days all compound the problem.

gauteng water crisis, rototank



Climate change can exacerbate drought conditions and impact water availability in the region. South Africa has experienced recurrent droughts in recent years, which have significantly reduced water availability in various regions, including Gauteng. Droughts can lead to lower dam levels and decreased water supply.

Efforts are being made to address these challenges, including water conservation campaigns, infrastructure upgrades, and water resource management initiatives. The South African government and local authorities are working to improve the situation, but it’s important taking time that many households are tired of waiting for.

To become more water wise and have a back up water solution is not only becoming the norm but vital in many areas with water cuts up to 3 weeks at a time. To rest easy at nigh invest in your future with a RotoTank, Saving you time and money in the long Run.
A water tank can be set up in two main ways at your home, firstly to catch free rainwater and set up to feed your home, or the secondly is to connect your tank to your municipal feed, creating a reservoir, that can also be set up to directly feed into your home. Or a combination of the two for added water security.

No matter which way you decide to go it is vital to get a quality tank, At RotoTank we go the extra mile to ensure our tanks not only look astatically good but are the strongest most durable tanks on the market.

With a ten-year warranty RotoTank are the number one choice for water tanks in Southern Africa.

gauteng water crisis, rototank
gauteng water crisis, rototank
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Why is there a water crisis in Gauteng?

Gauteng province, the country’s economic hub, has not been spared. The water crisis has been driven by a number of factors: the overall decay in the quality and state of water infrastructure – it is at risk of total collapse in some areas.

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