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Food shortage. Save the grain

Tips to help farmers address livestock feeding issues ahead of the anticipated food shortages

We investigate solutions to help our farmers remain sustainable during this tough period of food shortage. As farmers are set to tighten their belts and are looking at a long and hard winter, the effects of the drought are rippling across the country, leading to fears of losing livestock and ultimately their livelihood.

First and foremost, we look at the use of horizontal plastic tanks to safely and easily transport liquid feeds to livestock for immediate relief.

Second on our agenda, is the implementation of silo hoppers as a cost effective way to provide for the future and remain profitable in the long run.

Get feed to your livestock safely & effectively with horizontal plastic tanks

Amidst debilitating food shortages, horizontal transport tanks make it possible to store and transport liquid feeds to livestock effortlessly, economically & safely.

RotoTank™ has a comprehensive series of portable horizontal plastic tanks that can be stored above & below the ground and that can easily be lifted by RotoTank™ pallets for transportation.

These tanks also have the following useful attributes:

  • 8-year UV protection to safeguard the contents
  • A 5-year structural warranty that ensures optimal ROI
  • Tank walls that are thick enough to retain chemical properties

The RotoTank™ range also comprise of standard & unusual shapes of different sizes for light, medium & heavy duty purposes to cater for a multitude of applications across the board.

Making sure you have feed on hand through silo hoppers

Using silo hoppers have a dual benefit for farmers that both contribute towards long-term sustainability and reduction in costs.

On the one hand, it enables you to buy feed for livestock in bulk, negotiate substantial discounts for it and cut transport costs significantly. On the other hand, it makes it possible to keep feed on hand to maintain your livestock and counteract the impact of food shortages that are currently experienced throughout the country.

The silos vary from 175 – 20,000 litres in size & have 8-year UV protection, plus a 5-year guarantee. Metal support structures or mountings can be supplied on request, together with an approved design Certificate of Compliance (CoC) from a registered Civil Engineer.

The following useful tips should be taken into consideration upon installation:

  • Consult a specialist RotoTank™ supplier to ensure the correct container for the intended use
  • Use a properly designed steel support mechanism that has been approved by a registered Civil Engineer
  • Only lift a silo or hopper that has no contents inside
  • Avoid exposure to hot or chemical exhaust gases during transport and after installation
  • Make sure the silo is not exposed to a naked flame or fire.
  • Exercise caution to not drop the container as it will compromise the structural integrity of it.
  • Check and comply with the chemical compatibility chart & only store compounds that are compliant with LLDPE plastic resin
  • Do not store contents that are hotter than 40°C without first consulting with an expert for advice

To this end, RotoTank™ supplies a quality series of silos hoppers & conical tanks that are suitable for liquid & dry bulk storage above (and below) the ground as required.

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