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Dredging Pipe Floats

Dredging Pipe Floats (Floating Ring, Float Collars) are made from high wear resistant LMDPE by rotational- moulding technology. Dredge floats are widely used for supporting suction/discharge hoses. The dredging pipe floats are manufactured in a bright colour to act as warning signs to other vessels in the vicinity.


pipe floats, rototank

How does a floating dredge work?

The dredge works like an underwater vacuum cleaner. It has a hose hanging off the front that sucks up streambed material and delivers it to the sluice box floating on the dredge. Heavy material, such as gold, lead and iron are caught in the sluice box and the lighter material falls off the rear back into the stream.

When dredging, the operator lowers the boom of a dredge to the bottom (or side) of the body of water. A rotating cutter-bar then uses teeth to loosen the settled material, as the submersible pump removes the sediment from the bottom of the waterway. The silt and debris are then transported away for final processing.

rototank, pipe floats, dredging
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