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Above Ground Diesel Storage Tanks

How Long Can diesel fuel be stored in a RotoTank™?

RotoTank Diesel Tank

Diesel fuel can only be stored from 6 to 12 months on average — sometimes longer under the best conditions. After that, the fuel will begin to react with the oxygen in the tank.

What is the best way to store diesel fuel?

  1. Kept it cool at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Treated with biocides and stabilizers.
  3. Always ensure the tank is placed away from a building for safety
  4. A bund should be built below a tank to collect any overflow to prevent contamination

Is polypropylene OK for diesel?

Polypropylene tanks are often advantageous as liquid storage tanks when aggressive materials, such as acetone or diesel fuel, are involved.

Can diesel be stored in plastic tanks?

The answer is yes of course, RotoTank™ manufactures all its Diesel tanks from high quality LLDPE plastics. For Diesel, the Specific Gravity should be 1.4. 

What is meant by specific gravity?

Specific Gravity, also called relative density, ratio of the density of a substance to that of a standard substance. … Because it is the ratio of two quantities that have the same dimensions. The simpler answer for most of us is the thickness of the tank required to hold a specific material or liquid. If the correct density tank is used it will prolong the life of the stored liquid, in this case Diesel.

Does diesel fuel go bad?

There is no expiration date on diesel, but the performance of your diesel fuel is affected the longer you store it. In fact, storing diesel without properly treating it can lead to all kinds of issues, not only for the fuel itself, but for any vehicle you decide to put the fuel in later.

Does diesel burn through plastic?

No, diesel does not burn through LLDPE plastic, RotoTank™ has tried and tested its Diesel tanks and many have been in use for over 15 years.

Can you put diesel in a poly water tank?

We strongly advise not to put Diesel in a water duty tank, the majority of water duty tanks are supplied with black liners to reduce Algae, this can get eroded by the diesel and leave particles in the diesel, if you then use it in a vehicle, it could potentially damage the engine, secondly the tank itself will cored. And lastly you will not be able to see the levels in the tank.

Can you use poly fittings for diesel?

Yes, it is done in the oil fields all over the world. Diesel will degrade the pipes eventually requiring replacement at intervals, but they can take the caustic nature of the fuel.

How far does a diesel tank need to be from a building?

RotoTank™ diesel tanks should not be closer than 7.5 meters from any building, per best practice recommendations. Prevention of fuel spills and leaks is the most important management tactic in minimizing pollution liability.

Do I need a license to store diesel?

A person keeping more than 275 litres will not require a licence, if for personal or work purposes. For Larger volumes it is advisable to contact your local authorities for clarification.

What colour should a diesel storage tank be?

YELLOW: Diesel (Flammable)
All RotoTank™ Firstly, yellow allows the user to see the level of fuel inside. Secondly Yellow does assist in keeping the algae at bay, but as a rule you can use other darker colours if you wish, you will require a level indicator to monitor the contents.

What are the main factors to consider when installing a RotoTank™ diesel tank?

  • chemically compatible with the hazardous substance being stored in it.
  • protected from, or resistant to, all forms of internal and external wear.
  • be vibration, shock, and corrosion resistant.
  • have a stable foundation or support structure suitable for all operating conditions.
  • be protected from fire, heat, vacuum, and pressure, which might cause tank failure.
  • be sized to align with storage requirements.
  • Aboveground tanks need to have a bund, (a surrounding wall that can contain at least one-third of the tank’s contents).
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