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Installing a water tank can greatly enhance the greenery of your garden while minimizing water wastage. A 5000l water tank can provide harvested rainwater for various uses:

  • People can consume it (for drinking).
  • You can use it for cooking and cleaning fresh produce.
  • It’s suitable for housework, domestic, or industrial cleaning services.
  • It serves municipal purposes like bathing and laundry.
  • It’s effective for sanitation (toilet flushing).
  • You can utilize it for both agricultural and domestic irrigation.
  • It’s valuable for providing water to livestock (farming) and/or pets (domesticated).
  • It’s useful for maintaining water features, koi ponds, and other artificial water pools.

Vertical water storage tanks, perfect for rainwater harvesting and other collection sources, find application in domestic households, agricultural homesteads, and industrial establishments. They aim to cut down overall water consumption and needless wastage. But how can you determine the appropriate size for your water storage tank and what are the various water tank prices?

5000l Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

When considering the harvest of rainwater using recycling bins as a backup source for municipal water, calculate the daily water requirement by multiplying the number of days you need the supply to last. If the average household uses around 300 litres of water per day for municipal purposes, a 5000l water tank should support this average municipal consumption for approximately 17 days.

Of course, households can significantly reduce their average water consumption by being aware of primary consumption sources and limiting usage during peak times.

Here are some interesting statistics about water consumption to keep in mind when using municipal water:

  • Using 1 to 2 average depth baths per day can consume between 60 and 180 litres of water.
  • A 15-minute shower at a rate of 15 litres per minute can use up to 105 litres of water.
  • A dual flush toilet consumes 4 or 9 litres of water per flush.
  • Average consumption for cooking and drinking is about 15 litres per household.
  • An average wash basin, whether for sanitary or dishwashing purposes, is filled with up to 40 litres of water per basin.

Water Storage Tanks Time to Fill

The above consumption stats help you to know how much water you would need to sustain the average municipal consumption. How long will it take for your 5000l water tank to fill? As a vertical water storage tank typically harvests rainwater collected via rain gutter systems, collection volumes are influenced by the surface area of the roof used during catchment and of course the annual rainfall.

Calculate the ideal size water tank according to the size of roof that will be used during harvesting.

See the following sample measurements:

  • 50 to 100 Square meter roof = 750L to 2200L
  • 200 to 400 Square meter roof = 2500L to 10 000L

Water tank prices vary based on the size and capacity of the vertical water recycling bins. RotoTank™ offers customised solutions based on your unique water harvesting needs, size requirements and budget.

Submit an enquiry to RotoTank for a tailored solution to fit your requirements without limiting your tanks intended purpose.

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