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Water Tank. Put Money Back In Your Pocket

With the anticipated effects of La Nina, recent government water restrictions and steep water price hikes as hot topics in every South African household and business right now, we explore water tank solutions for sustainable water storage purposes.

Save money and water with vertical water storage tanks

Any household, farming or industrial operation can save significantly on water costs and prepare for dry periods through making a dedicated effort to harvest rainwater and store water efficiently. RotoTank™ produces a wide range of vertical water storage tanks that are suitable for exactly that.

The following is useful to know:

  • Vertical water tanks are stored above the ground
  • Ideal if the water needs to be moved or transported from time to time
  • Water storage capacity ranges from 500 to 40,000 litres
  • RotoTank’s storage tanks have a black liner to inhibit growth of algae
  • Their tanks also have 8 years’ of UV protection
  • RotoTank™ furthermore delivers for free across the country

Vertical storage water tanks are quick and easy to set up and RotoTank™ offers expert advice, plus full access to specs plus an installation guide.

Safe underground storage of water

As it is a semi-permanent fixture, it is important to deliberate long-term performance and quality when selecting an underground water tank. RotoTank™ has taken tank thickness, heavy duty access points and structural integrity into consideration – in the design of all its underground water tanks. As such, the company offers a 5-year structural warranty on its extra heavy duty technology as well.

Underground water storage tanks can be used for domestic, agricultural or industrial purposes, but it is most suitable for instances where the water or liquids need to be kept safe & do not need to be transported. Here are some important pointers:

  • Typically used for storage of fresh, grey or rain harvested water
  • Durable & safe for underground purposes but not portable after installation
  • RotoTank™ manufactures provides standard & heavy duty fittings with 180 & 450mm lids
  • The company also supplies both horizontal & vertical underground water tanks
  • Water storage tanks can be accessed via a manhole once installed

How to install an underground water tank

The following basic elements have to be incorporated in an underground water tank installation:

  • Measure the tank & excavate an opening of the right size
  • Clear the area of any objects that could puncture the tank
  • Ensure that the ground is solid & level before you position the tank on it
  • Check for top & lateral loaded stresses & reinforce top soil beams where possible
  • Follow all installation instructions to the tee

RotoTank™ supplies helpful technical information and dummy installation guides with all their underground water tanks, plus their specialists are on standby for telephonic and other assistance.

Water tank expertise that you can trust

RotoTank™ has been a market leader in plastic moulding for more than three decades and is renowned for constantly researching and developing its products for further enhancement & to adapt to changing circumstances & requirements of clients.

A major differentiator of the company is that it does not produce en masse. A client’s requirements are analysed by an expert and technical drawings are compiled in advance, to ensure the production of the most suitable and cost-effective water storage solution for the application. Click here to contact RotoTank™ for more information.

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