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What is a Decant tank? RotoTank™ Decant-A Tanks are an alternative to Silo Tanks

RotoTank™ designed and manufactures Decant-A Tanks, an alternative to the conventional Silo & Vertical tanks with stands. These tanks are used to store liquids such as Water, Chemicals & Fertilizers. The concept came about due to the need for 100% drainage from storage tanks.

Most conventional tanks leave a deposit of liquid below the outlet fitting, making it extremely difficult to fully empty leading to an amount of waste liquid. This also makes the tanks difficult and dangerous to clean especially with toxic chemicals. With RotoTank™ Decant-a Tanks those problems have been solved.

RotoTank™ design team took the two main problems associated with conventional tanks into consideration, when looking at how best to solve the problem. Drainage and waste left behind, then the cleaning of tanks. A few designs later and rigorous testing and the Decant-A tank started to take shape.

The team produced the Decant-A Tank vertical range firstly but soon realized the need for transport also.

The range is built up of both Vertical stationary tanks, Horizontal transport Tanks and a bin design. The sizes are available on our website pages with further dimensions. 

More about the design of the RotoTank™ Decant-A Tanks

The problem the team faced was what angle is best to get enough fluid out yet not put added strain on the structural integratory of the tank itself.

The innovative designs now allow almost 100% drainage, the way the team solved the issues was the introduction of the slanted base on the tanks and the addition of a Pallet. The 4-degree angle of the pallet know allows the fluids to flow with no risk to the tank falling over or collapse.

rototank, decant a tank

As per diagram below you can see the flow of liquid from the Horizontal Transport Decant-A Tank from the side outlet. The Pallet also has a 4-degree slant allowing nearly 100% complete drainage

rototank, Horizontal Transport Decant-A Tank

RotoTank ™ Decant-A Transport tanks.

We would highly recommend when using the RotoTank ™ Decant-A Transport tanks that a baffle system be added to the tanks. RotoTank™ offers two alternatives in the form of baffles balls or a baffle tube. These slow the flow of the liquids in transit make your load more stable. As seen in the diagram the Baffle tube easily fits in the lid section and anchors to the base of the tank.

The RotoTank™ 8000 litres Horizontal Transport Decant-A Tank not only allows drainage from the side outlet, but can also be fitted with a centre base fitting. This will allow easy access when tanks are mounted on a flatbed vehicle for transporting the fluids, and easy coupling to fittings and pipes.

RotoTank™ Decant-A Bins

RotoTank™ Decant-A Bins are an alternative to the flow bin designs, with the bonus that they do empty almost 100% as opposed to the flow bins.

This is due to the internal 4-degree slope of the tank. Fittings can be added at the base of the tank, and if additional units are required can be stacked together and opened to flow as per diagram.

RotoTank™ Decant-A bins

The RotoTank™ Decant-A bins are very versatile in that they can be adapted to move around with the addition of wheels. They can be safely stacked, have a separate detachable lid. They are extremely user friendly and can be easily cleaned.

RotoTank™ Decant-A bins
RotoTank™ Decant-A bins

Lifting a RotoTank™ Decant a Tank

 Moving RotoTank™ Decant-A Tanks has been simplified especially with regards to lifting with your conventional forklift. The Base pallet has been designed to allow the correct size for the Forklift arms to slide easily under the tank & pallet and lift in fluid motion.

Lifting a RotoTank™ Decant a Tank

Positioning the RotoTank™ Vertical Decant-A Tanks

When you are getting ready to Position your RotoTank™ Vertical Decant-A tank please ensure you have a 100% flat surface, the hollowed out design of the pallet allows the middle section to be filled with sand and cement for secure placement of the Decant-a Tank.

The Ring Pallet also has rope groves at the base which helps hold down the tank in position and provides stability in high winds.

The Benefits of RotoTank™ Decant-A Tanks

RotoTank™ Vertical Decant-A Tanks

Compared to other tanks on the market, RotoTank™ offers the added benefits;  

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