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Saving our precious resource. Water tanks for sale

With water restrictions climbing and the dams emptying at a rapid rate we look to water tanks for sale and how you can reuse and recycle our precious resource.

Saving water is no longer an option, it is a must

A recent news analysis by Sipho Kings, Mail & Guardian’s environment reporter, highlighted some alarming facts:

  • South Africa ranks 30th on the global list of driest countries; and
  • Our country is officially classified as a semiarid.

A semiarid has a semi-dry climate with less than 20 inches of rain annually. The practical implication of this is that even when we are not gripped by drought, our water resources is limited. Add to this that water scarcity is currently a critical issue worldwide, then we clearly have no choice but to use our water resources wisely.

Smart ways to save water

Here are our top two intelligent ways to save water without depleting existing water resources:

Harvesting rainwater is a particularly effective and sustainable water saving solution for the following reasons:

  • It is naturally unpolluted and free of chemicals; and
  • It is completely free.

Both harvested rainwater and recycled domestic water are ideal for a range of domestic uses, such as cleaning, to flush toilets, water gardens, fill swimming pools and do the laundry. An essential component of harvesting rainwater or recycling domestic water optimally; is a large water tank that has the capacity to store substantial volumes of water.

RotoTank™ supplies a quality range of large water storage tanks in a selection of capacities, sizes and dimensions for entry and intermediate levels, as well as bulk purposes. The tanks’ capacities fall within the following volume ranges:

  • 500 – 6,000 litres;
  • 10 – 20,000 litres; and
  • 27 – 40,000 litres.

RotoTank’s 40,000 litre tanks are the largest water storage tanks that are produced in South Africa.

How to choose the right size of water tank

The following guidelines can help you decide which size of water tank is most suited for your specific requirements:

  • An average household of two persons uses around 300 litres of water per day;
  • Typically, a washing machines uses 60 – 150 litres of water and a dishwasher uses 18 – 60 litres;
  • Washing a car takes about 200 litres of water;
  • Filling a standard pool requires about 40,000 litres of water; and
  • You’d need about 40,000 litres of water to run a sprinkler system for 2 hours.

The types of water tanks

The most suitable types of water tanks to store and save recycled domestic or rainwater for household, farming and industrial purposes are:

  • Vertical storage water tanks: These can only be stored above the ground, but can easily be transported; and
  • Underground water tanks: It can only be stored underground and can be accessed via a manhole, but is ideal where safe water storage is of the essence.

Installation of water tanks

Water tanks are relatively easy to install. RotoTank™ provides comprehensive technical spec sheets and simple installation instructions with all of their water storage tanks and their in-house experts are on standby for installation advice. Click here to contact RotoTank™ now for more information on the right kind of water storage tank for your specific requirements.

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