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Rototank to Cape!

The Cape Town factory of RotoTankTM the supplier of plastic water storage, silo’s, septic tanks, water troughs, koi ponds and plastic splash pools for the Western Cape region, was founded for the first time in 2008.  Its manufacturing plant is situated on the outskirts of cape Town in the town of  Moorreesburg.

Since then we have gathered many eco-friendly water conscious friends from our factory in the Western Cape, along the routes of the Southern Cape, Garden route, Klein Karoo, all the way to the Eastern Cape region. From the Western Cape factory we also service customers in the Northern Cape, the Great Karoo, Namaqualand and southern Namibia.

RotoTankTM  Western Cape have also uniquely patterned and manufactured a water trough for the agricultural sector after inputs from a wide variety of farmers and role-players in the industry. Currently, we are expanding the concept to a complete range of water and feeding troughs.

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