Water Tank Trough

Water Tank Trough

Water Tank Animal Troughs

Essential for dispensing water through float valve for animal drinking water
Ideal for use in agriculture; animal farming, and other related applications
Strong, rigid and durable storage containers
Water is stored and kept clean at all times

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  • Water Tank Trough

    Water Tank Trough

Water tank trough for clean animal water storage

These kind of tanks are commonly used for livestock farming. Water tank troughs are a great source for clean and safe water storage for livestock. For animal farmers, water trough tanks provide a reservoir of water readily available for your animals.

Contrary to concrete and metal water troughs our tanks are manufactured out of quality plastic. Our tanks are lightweight which allows them to be handled with less effort (portable) and can easily be transported between different locations when empty.

In addition to fabrication we install all RotoTanks™ at no cost to you. Furthermore, your water trough tanks will be supplied with a stainless steel float valve to ensure that you are able to control the water temperature, allowing you to keep the water cool during hot temperatures.

Our water tank troughs are uniquely designed with a black liner with an undetermined 8 year UV protection as well as a 5 year structural warranty. That way you are assured a quality product. Furthermore, you have the freedom to select any basic colour for your water tank troughs.

Our national footprint enables us to deliver your water tank troughs within a 10 working day time frame. Our tanks are not mass produced and are affordable.

Keep the following in mind:
  • Extra heavy duty troughs are available upon request for higher SG contents
  • Base of trough must be positioned on solid, level grounding which is free of any protruding objects which could lead to puncturing the trough
  • Ensure fittings are tight but not over tightened
  • Fittings to trough are fixed using flexible hose in case trough is shifted out of position by the animal
  • Ensure ball valve is not obstructed and can operate freely
  • Water should be filtered to avoid foliage
  • Weight and quality specifications are recorded for your benefit – ensure that you get the right product for the task at hand.

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Water Trough