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RotoTank's French Drain / Soakaway

RotoTank™ French Drains/Soakaways

RotoTank™ offer an excellent solution to increase the efficiency of your Septic Tank due to there being no back-up of water flowing out of the tank. Installing an efficient French drain/soakaway system is imperative as it is the biggest cause of septic tank failures.

Our solution is excellent in both clay and rocky ground as the water is carried away from the French drain and dispersed over a large area. RotoTank™ French drains/soakaways can be fitted with a submersible pump enabling you to pump the water onto your lawn. Blockages and build-up of debris can be easily cleared from the French drain/soakaway through the manhole.

You can also arrange for a “septic tank cleaning company” to come and empty, through pumping the waste, should your RotoTank™ French drains/soakaways be over utilised. Should your RotoTank™ French drains/soakaway tanks be damaged they can easily be replaced.

  • Check the local Municipal requirements
  • A soakaway is a low environmental-impact solution to dealing with surface water at source rather than directing it into existing sewer systems
  • Most local authority Regulations stipulate that soakaways must be at least 5 meters from any habitable building. Best locate it on the lowest part of the garden
  • Pipes must not have a change in direction to avoid blockage
  • The water table must be below your intended site to facilitate effective drainage away from the soakaway.
  • Surrounding soil should not be clay. Water must soakaway readily.
  • Soakaway rate depends on the percolation rate and number of persons using the septic system.
  • Flow pipe should be minimum 75mm diameter. 100mm is recommended for most effective
  • Soakaway pipe should be laid to a fall of 1 in 40. So 100mm fall for every 4 meters

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