Vertical / Chemical Storage Tanks

RotoTank's Vertical / Chemical Storage Tanks

Vertical / Chemical Storage Tanks graded for food and heavy chemicals

Suitable for storing and holding all chemical materials including petrol and diesel
Ideal for fertilizer, chemical processors, oil & petroleum producers and farmers
Food graded; great for storing and transporting food oils
Heavy duty fittings and 450mm manhole for safe installation and transporting

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Chemical resistant vertical and horizontal tanks

Our vertical / chemical storage tanks are available in both horizontal and vertical structures and designs. Both are stored above the ground and enable storing and/or transporting of your chemical bulk with ease.

Our tanks are specifically designed using a thicker plastic walls in accordance with the chemicals resistance chart to prevent any leaks or possible bursts. RotoTank™ is aware of the higher risks posed by chemical materials when reacting with external temperature, consequently our tanks are manufactured to ensure an 8 year UV protection warranty. Both vertical and horizontal tanks are available in any colour of your choice.

Horizontal / Transport Tanks are designed to incorporate the use of RotoTank™ pallets during transporting and allows for easy movement of chemicals stored in the tanks. The vertical / chemical storage tanks however are not moveable whilst containing content.

You can purchase your tanks directly from RotoTank™ and enjoy free delivery of tank sizes up to 40 000 litres across South Africa, within 10 working days.

Please bear the following in mind when installing your RotoTank™:
  • Extra heavy duty tanks can be ordered for a higher Specific Gravity (S.G.)
  • Tank fittings and pipes should be fitted with bellows or flexible piping.
  • Base of tank must be mounted on a solid, level base.
  • There must be no overhang of tank on base.
  • Make sure fittings are tight, but do not over tighten.
  • The weight and quality specifications are recorded for your benefit – make sure you get the right product for the task.
  • Do not lift tank containing any contents.
  • Keep tanks away from any hot exhaust gasses.
V 500 lt
Chemical Medium770 mm1 000 mm160 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy770 mm1 000 mm160 mm1.6
V 1 000 lt
Chemical Medium1 100 mm1 300 mm160 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy1 100 mm1 300 mm160 mm1.6
V 1 500 lt
Chemical Medium1 450 mm1 050 mm160 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy1 450 mm1 050 mm160 mm1.6
V 2 500 lt
Chemical Medium1 400 mm1 750 mm160 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy1 400 mm1 750 mm160 mm1.6
V 5 000 lt
Chemical Medium1 800 mm2 000 mm160 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy1 800 mm2 000 mm160 mm1.6
V 6 000 lt (low profile)
Chemical Medium2 100 mm1 960 mm160 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy2 100 mm1 960 mm160 mm1.6
V 10 000 lt
Chemical Medium2 200 mm3 000 mm450 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy2 200 mm3 000 mm450 mm1.6
V 15 000 lt
Chemical Medium2 600 mm3 200 mm450 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy2 600 mm3 200 mm450 mm1.6
V 20 000 lt
Chemical Medium2 500 mm4 200 mm2x 450 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy2 500 mm4 200 mm2x 450 mm1.6
V 27 000 lt
Chemical Medium2 750 mm4 800 mm2x 450 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy2 750 mm4 800 mm2x 450 mm1.6
V 40 000 lt
Chemical Medium3 300 mm4 850 mm2x 450 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy3 300 mm4 850 mm2x 450 mm1.6

Decant-a-Tank™ Range

VD 11000 lt (Decant-a-Tank™)
Chemical Medium2 200 mm3 350 mm450 mm1.4
Chemical Heavy2 200 mm3 350 mm450 mm1.6
Chemical Extra Heavy2 200 mm3 350 mm450 mm1.8
Note: Wider range of Decant-a-Tank™ products will follow in due course.

Downloads: Information & Technical Specs

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Vertical / Chemical Tank Brochure

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Vertical / Chemical Tank Range Tech Spec

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Vertical / Chemical Decant-a-Tank™ Tech Spec

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Chemical Resitance Chart