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Water Pump QB60 0.37kw End Suction with Controller

Peripheral Pump QB60 0.37 kW
Single-stage centrifugal, non-Self priming, volute pump
Sturdy & Compact
SS inserts to avoid frequent wear & tear of impellers
High-pressure function
Excellent hydraulic performance
Optimal design
Good suction lift characteristic's
Brass insert to prevent seizing of pump
Incorporated with thermal overload protector
Dynamically balanced rotating parts
25mm inlet and outlet
What's in the box:
1 x C.R.I 0.37kw Pump and Booster



Code: 15011000

Ideal for use in residential and civil settings.
Suitable for garden irrigation.
Can be used for pressure boosting and washing systems.

Electronic Pressure Controller is a quality & reliable product which is carefully designed to regulate the water pressure in the domestic water supply system.
Rated voltage:220-240V
Staring pressure: 1.5bar
Max. pressure: 10bar
Max. current: 10A
Pipe diameter: 1″x 1″ (25mm)
Protection degree: IP65
What’s in the box
1 x 0.37 Pressure pump
1 x electronic pressure switch

What’s in the box
1 x C.R.I 0.37kw Pump and Booster

View Pump Brochure for Onsite Fault Finding

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