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Waste Vent Valve – 2 way 110mm

RotoTank™ Waste Vent Valve – 2 way 110mm

Code – waste-vent

In a septic tank system, the waste vent pipe is used to facilitate the proper functioning of the system by allowing the release of gases that are generated during the decomposition of organic matter in the tank.




Here is how it works:

1. Gas Generation: In a septic tank, solid waste and wastewater enter the tank, and bacteria break down the organic matter, producing gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, and others.
2. Gas Pressure: As the organic matter decomposes, gas pressure builds up inside the tank. If this pressure is not released, it can cause problems like odours, damage to the tank, or even backup of wastewater into the house.
3. Waste Vent Pipe: The waste vent pipe, also known as the vent stack, is a vertical pipe that extends from the septic tank up through the roof of the building. It is typically made of PVC or ABS plastic.
4. Gas Release: The waste vent pipe allows the gases generated in the septic tank to escape safely into the atmosphere. It provides a pathway for the gases to rise and disperse, preventing them from building up in the tank or the plumbing system of the house.
5. Odour Control: By venting the gases outside, the waste vent pipe helps prevent foul odours from entering the house. The pipe is usually fitted with a vent cap or an air admittance valve at the top to prevent debris, insects, or rainwater from entering while still allowing the gases to escape.
6. System Efficiency: The waste vent pipe also plays a crucial role in maintaining the proper balance of pressure inside the septic tank. By allowing the gases to escape, it helps regulate the airflow, facilitating the decomposition process and ensuring the optimal functioning of the system.
It is important to note that the waste vent pipe is separate from the plumbing vent pipes that are connected to fixtures in the house (such as sinks, toilets, and showers) to allow air into the plumbing system and prevent siphoning or pressure imbalances.

1 x 110mm Waste Vent Valve

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